The Phantom:
A Publishing History in England

by Bob Griffin and Bryan Shedden

The Phantom Comic Album (1965-67)

(World Distributors Ltd.)



These two hardcover Phantom Comic Albums were published by World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, by arrangement with Western Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin, U.S.A. They were printed by Fratelli Spada from Ciampino-Roma (Italy), and the first album even replicated The Phantom's red costume that was typical for the period in Italy. Each album ran for 68 pages and was printed in colour.

The first album was printed in 1965 and measured 260mm x 200mm (10 1/4" x 7 3/4"). It reprinted two translated Italian stories originally published by Fratelli Spada in their Americane Avventure series. The first was called "The Retreat of Major Flower" (pp.3-33) -- a World War II story with the Japanese army invading The Phantom's jungle. The second story was called "Kunz, the Smuggler" (pp.34-64) -- it told the story of Diana being kidnapped in the jungle.

The second album was printed in 1967 and measured 270mm x 220mm (10 1/2" x 8 3/4"). The first story in this album was a very nice reprint of the 1965 Sunday adventure "The Veiled Lady" (pp.3-58), with art by Sy Barry. The second story was another Italian reprint called "The Phantom and the Kidnappers: A Fight Against the Evil Drink" (pp.59-64). This was a rather badly drawn cautionary tale warning against the evils of hard liquor. No clue as to the artist.


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