The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Germany

by Hans Kiesl


Phantom Pocket Books - Series 2

Bastei Verlag (1980-1984)


Commencing in May 1980, the page count of Bastei's Phantom pocket books was reduced from 164 pages to 100 pages. The thinner books were considered to be a new series and their numbering was restarted at 1. There were 25 books in this second series, the last issue appearing in Nov 1984. An incomplete index is provided below. If you can help fill some gaps, please send your contributions to Bryan Shedden. Thanks go to Christian Moeller and John Cookson for their help with this index.

Issue Story Title Artist Pages Source
1 Der Mafia-Palast
The Mafia Palace
  Alarm im Dschungel
Alarm in the Jungle
  Die Entscheidung
The Decision
Barry 18 D133
2 Der falsch Medizinmann
The False Medicine Man
3 In der Falle der Spione
The Trap of the Spies
4 Die Lagune der Verräter
The Lagoon of the Traitor
5 Im Bann des schwarzen Magiers
In the Power of the Black Magician
6 Aufstand am Schlangenfluss
Revolution on Snake River
7 Die Bestie der grünen Hölle
The Beast of Green Hell
8 Die Herren der Teufelsmine
The Masters of Devil Mine
9 Die Wächter der Sklavenvilla
Wardens of the Slave Villa
10 Rebellion auf der Teufelsinsel
Rebellion on Devil Island
11 Der Schlangen-Turm
The Snake Tower
12 Die Gefangene der grünen Hölle
The Prisoners of Green Hell
13 Die Wüstenteufel
The Desert Island
14 Schüsse in der Fieberhölle
Shots in the Fever Hell
15 Die Bestie des Zauberdschungels
The Beasts of the Magic Jungle
16 Die Schreckens-Safari
The Terrified Safari
17 Palast der sklaven
The Palace of Slaves
  Die Soldner dis teufels   14  
  Das Hospital der verdammten   23  
  Der Stahlerne Damon   20  
18 Der Schatz in der Haifischbucht
The Treasure of Shark Cove
19 Die Dollarjäger
The Dollar Hunter
20 Die Dschungel-Dämonen
The Jungle Demon
21 Der teuflische Doppelgänger
The Evil Double
22 Die Mulatten-Bande
The Halfbreed Gang
23 Das Gangster-Schloß
The Ganger Palace
24 Die Diamanten-Haie
The Diamond Shark
25 Aufstand hinter Gitter
Revolution Behind Bars

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