The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

De Bästa Äventyren (2004-present)

(The Best Adventures)

A new pocket book series was launched in Sweden late 2004. This time, the concept was that each pocket book contained a selection of stories by one artist. The first four books were released as a special box set at the Gothenburg book fair in September 2004. Hans Lindahl and Kari Leppänen were also present to sign their respective books. The books were later distributed both in book stores and regular stores. There is a slight difference between the bookstore edition and the regular edition, as they have different barcodes on the back.

Format: 120mm x 178mm, b&w, squarebound

NumberYearPagesStoriesCover artist (source)
12004164F221, F403, F410, F437, F438Leppänen (F 18/1985)
22004164F243, F277, F294, F322, F323Lindahl (F 15/1995)
32004148F364, F378, F389, F404Mitton (F404)
42004164F055, F068, F099, F108, F109, F173Vallvé (F 13/1981)


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