The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Brazil

by Sérgio Takara and Bryan Shedden

The Phantom is known as Fantasma in Brazil, where he usually wears a red costume with yellow & black striped shorts. He has proven to be an extremely popular comic book character over the years, and numerous publications have been devoted to him. The publishing history of The Phantom and other Brazilian comic characters can be divided into two parts. From 1936 to 1953, The Phantom did not have his own comic book title, and was published one page per issue in serialised form alongside other characters such as Tarzan and Superman. From March 1953, The Phantom was rewarded with his own comic book title, with complete stories appearing in each issue. Over 700 Phantom books have been published in Brazil since their first dedicated Phantom comic in May 1937, the vast majority from the one publisher called Editora Globo / Rio Gráfica e Editora. You can read about all of them on the following pages:

  1. The Beginnings (1936-1937)
  2. Editora Globo / Rio Gráfica e Editora (1937-1993)
  3. Editora Brasil - América Limitada (1948-1986)
  4. Editora Saber (1969-1975, 1993-2000)
  5. Other Publishers
This authorised Brazilian publishing guide is based on the four volume set Álbum do Colecionador de HQ - Personagem Fantasma, written and published by Sérgio Takara (1998-2000). These custom-made books contain detailed publishing history with small colour images of Phantom covers (55mm x 80mm) pasted onto black and white pages. Almost every Brazilian Phantom comic cover is reproduced. All information contained in these volumes has been registered with the National Library of Brazil (Fundação Biblioteca Nacional - Ministério da Cultura), and may not be reproduced without the author's permission. Those interested in obtaining their own copy of these volumes should email Sérgio.


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Last Updated 31 January 2002