The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Brazil

by Sérgio Takara and Bryan Shedden

Editora Globo (1937-1958)

Editora Globo first published comics in Brazil in 1925. They focussed mainly on publishing comics newspapers, reprinting various American comic strips in serialized form. Complete stories were occasionally collected into single volumes and sold as annuals and albums.

Title:O Globo Juvenil #12
Size:30cm x 44cm
Pages:32 or 44
O Globo Juvenil was an important factor in establishing the popularity of The Phantom in Brazil. First published on 12 Jun 1937, O Globo Juvenil was another comics newspaper containing various characters such as Prince Valiant, Robin Hood, Flash Gordon, Mandrake and The Phantom. Beginning with #12 on 20 July 1937, the series printed Phantom daily strips in chapters of three strips. It was published three times weekly, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but not all issues included The Phantom. A total of 34 daily stories were published over 12 years and 7 months. The series was cancelled after #1986 on 2 Mar 1950, to be replaced by a new fortnightly series called Novo O Globo Juvenil (see below).

12-2820 Jul 1937 - 26 Aug 193717D2The Sky Band
29-6028 Aug 1937 - 9 Nov 193741D3The Diamond Hunters
61-10711 Nov 1937 - 26 Feb 193844D4Little Tommy (Toma)
109-1615 Mar 1938 - 5 Jul 193835D5The Prisoner of the Himalayas
163-1769 Jul 1938 - 9 Aug 193810D6Adventure in Algiers
178-21813 Aug 1938 - 15 Nov 193840D7The Shark's Nest
220-25419 Nov 1938 - 7 Feb 193924D8Fishers of Pearls
256-29811 Feb 1939 - 20 May 193928D9The Slave Traders
299-34723 May 1939 - 12 Sep 193934D10The Mysterious Girl
349-40916 Sep 1939 - 3 Feb 194040D11The Golden Circle
410-4916 Feb 1940 - 13 Aug 194054D12The Seahorse
493-56017 Aug 1940 - 21 Jan 194143D13The Game of Alvar
562-65825 Jan 1941 - 6 Sep 194163D14Diana Aviatrix Lost
659-7489 Sep 1941 - 4 Apr 194258D15The Phantom's Treasure
757-95225 Apr 1942 - 24 Jul 1943105D16The Phantom Goes to War
953-101027 Jul 1943 - 7 Dec 194339D17Bent Beak Broder
1012-103111 Dec 1943 - 25 Jan 194414D18The Phantom's Engagement
1033-112429 Jan 1944 - 29 Aug 194462D19The Governor and Suzie
1126-11602 Sep 1944 - 21 Nov 194424D20The Spy Gang
1162-120225 Nov 1944 - 27 Feb 194528D21The Crooner
1204-12923 Mar 1945 - 25 Sep 194560D22The Maharajah's Daughter
1294-131929 Sep 1945 - 27 Nov 194518D23The Blue Gang
1321-13521 Dec 1945 - 12 Feb 194622D24Lago the Lake God
1354-139116 Feb 1946 - 14 May 194626D25The Wild Girl
1393-143318 May 1946 - 20 Aug 194628D26The Mermaids of Melo Straits
1435-149624 Aug 1946 - 14 Jan 194742D27Princess Valerie
1498-154118 Jan 1947 - 29 Apr 194730D28Queen Asta of Trondelay
1543-16073 May 1947 - 30 Sep 194744D29Mister Hog
1609-16904 Oct 1947 - 10 Apr 194855D30Romance and the Vesta Pirates
1714-17875 Jun 1948 - 23 Nov 194850D31The Devil Road
1789-185627 Nov 1948 - 3 May 194946D32The Lady Luck
1858-19017 May 1949 - 16 Aug 194930D33The Masked Marvel
1903-193320 Aug 1949 - 29 Oct 194930D34Fathers and Sons
1934-19841 Nov 1949 - 25 Feb 195051D35The Flirtatious Princess

Title:Álbum O Globo Juvenil #1 #3 25 Jan 1941
Size:30cm x 41cm or 28.5cm x 37cm
Pages:36, 44 or 32
This series was a spin-off from the O Globo Juvenil comics newspaper. It reprinted complete stories with specially selected adventures chosen by readers. The Phantom appeared in six of the fourteen issues, including the first published on 14 Dec 1937. Artwork for two of the covers (#3 and #6) was credited to Cléo, while the others were uncredited. The last two issues were unnumbered and slightly smaller than the first three. They were also distinguished by the large cover title Fantasma Voador.

IssueDateCodeStory TitlePages
114 Dec 1937D3The Diamond Hunters?
318 Oct 1938D5The Prisoner of the Himalayas36
69 Sep 1939D7The Shark's Nest42
913 Mar 1940D8
Fishers of Pearls
The Slave Traders
-25 Jan 1941D10The Mysterious Girl32
-31 Oct 1941D11The Golden Circle32

Title:Gibi #36
Size:20cm x 28cm
On 12 April 1939, Editora Globo launched a new comics newspaper called Gibi. The Phantom was launched in American Sundays on 28 May 1939, and Gibi #33 on 21 July 1939 announced that the strip would soon be added. Three weeks later on 11 August 1939, Gibi commenced printing The Phantom Sunday strips in issue #36. Gibi is considered to be one of the most important series for The Phantom in Brazil, because it published a total of 21 complete Phantom Sunday adventures and unfortunately many of these stories have never since appeared in Brazil. The Phantom was published in a series of chapters on the central page in full colour, one Sunday at a time. Gibi was published two or three times per week (usually Friday or Wednesday), so The Phantom did not appear in all editions. The last issue of the series was published on 3 March 1950 (#1739), and The Phantom's last appearance was in #1629 on 16 September 1949.

36-9311 Aug 1939 - 22 Dec 193920S1The League of Lost Men
96-16129 Dec 1939 - 17 Apr 194021S2The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn
164-22224 May 1940 - 27 Sep 194019S3The Fire Goddess
226-2944 Oct 1940 - 7 Mar 194123S4The Beachcomber
297-31814 Mar 1941 - 2 May 19418S5The Saboteurs
321-4749 May 1941 - 1 May 194252S6The Return of the Sky Band
477-6128 May 1942 - 19 Mar 194345S7The Impostor
615-69026 Mar 1943 - 17 Sep 194326S8Castle in the Clouds
693-72324 Sep 1943 - 30 Jun 194411S9The Ismani Cannibals
726-87310 Dec 1943 - 17 Nov 194450S10Hamid the Terrible
879-9601 Dec 1944 - 8 Jun 194528S11The Childhood of The Phantom
963-103215 Jun 1945 - 21 Nov 194524S12The Golden Princess
1035-110130 Nov 1945 - 3 May 194623S13The Strange Fisherman
1104-114610 May 1946 - 16 Aug 194615S14Queen Pera the Perfect
1149-120623 Aug 1946 - 3 Jan 194720S15King of Beasts
1209-126610 Jan 1947 - 23 May 194720S16The Scarlet Sorceress
1269-136530 May 1947 - 9 Jan 194827S17The 12 Tasks
1368-142516 Jan 1948 - 28 May 194820S18The Dragon God
1428-15034 Jun 1948 - 26 Nov 194826S19The Marshall Sisters
1506-15513 Dec 1948 - 18 Mar 194916S20The Phantom Trophy
1554-162925 Mar 1949 - 16 Sep 194926S21The Haunted Castle

Title:O Livro do Fantasma Voador
Size:9cm x 13cm
O Livro Do Fantasma Voador was a small thick book published on 2 December 1939 as a spin-off from the O Globo Juvenil series. It contained several Phantom stories adapted into prose form: The Sky Band, The Diamond Hunters, Little Tommy, The Shark's Nest, and the first part of Fishers of Pearls. This single publication tested the waters for the Coleção Gibi series that followed.

Title:Coleção Gibi #25
Size:10cm x 12cm
Coleção Gibi was a series of small thick books that reprinted the Big Little Books series by Whitman Publishing in the USA. They were prose adaptations of the original comic strip stories, rather than conventional comic books. Five Phantom books were published as part of this series, and all but one (#25) used the original American cover art.

IssueDateCodeStory TitlePages
1731 Dec 1942D9The Slave Traders426
2220 Jul 1948D8Fishers of Pearls425
251948D2The Sky Band352
281948D3The Diamond Hunters426
311949D10The Mysterious Girl352

Title:Gibi Mensal
Size:18cm x 26cm
Gibi Mensal was a spin-off from the Gibi series, published from 2 January 1940 to October 1963. Incredibly, The Phantom appeared in only one of the 271 editions in the series: #134 in May 1952 contained the complete daily story The Professor (D44)

Title:Almanaque De O Globo Juvenil 1952
Size:28cm x 37cm or 21cm x 27cm
Pages:134 or 130
Editora Globo also produced a series of Christmas annuals as a spin-off from the Gibi series. These were produced between 1941 and 1963, and featured complete stories by a range of characters such as Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, and Alley Oop, but The Phantom was not included until the 1952 annual. Although these books were published in December, the new year number was identified on the cover. All books had a hard cover with artwork by Luis Fernando Guimarães (Lutz), Domingos Cervera or uncredited artists. The first Phantom book (1952) was 28cm x 37cm, but the other five were smaller at 21cm x 27cm.

YearPublishedCodeStory TitlePages
1952Dec 1951S27Jungle King134
1953Dec 1952S24The Thuggees134
1956Dec 1955S40The Gibs Brothers134
1957Dec 1956S26The Mysterious Passenger134
1958Dec 1957S47Danglor, International Bank Thief130
1959Dec 1958Non-Falk storyEscravos das pérolas134

Title:Novo O Globo Juvenil #1998
Size:18.5cm x 27.5cm
Pages:64, 48 or 32
A new fortnightly series of O Globo Juvenil commenced on 10 Mar 1950. Each issue contained a complete adventure (dailies and Sundays), but the series was shared between several different characters. Issue numbering continued on from the O Globo Juvenil series, starting with #1987 and the first Phantom issue was #1998. Cover artwork was credited to Luis Fernando Guimarães (Lutz) and Gutemberg Monteiro. The series ended at issue #2094 in October 1954. The Phantom appeared in 22 of the 108 issues of Novo O Globo Juvenil.

IssueDateStory TitleCodePages
1998Aug 1950The Thuggees Pt.1D3664
2004Nov 1950The Thuggees Pt.2D3648
2006Dec 1950The Ape Idol of the DuruguD3748
2015May 1951The White MonkeyD3932
20227 Jul 1951The Gray Gang Pt.1D4032
202321 Jul 1951The Gray Gang Pt.2D4032
202913 Oct 1951Whirlpool ChannelD4132
203110 Nov 1951The Tiger GirlD4248
20338 Dec 1951The Phantom's RingS2848
20372 Feb 1952The Mysterious PassengerS2632
204015 Mar 1952The Rope PeopleS2932
204326 Apr 1952The Governor's FamilyD4332
204524 May 1952The Ape Idol of the DuruguS2532
204721 Jun 1952Tale of DevilS3032
204919 Jul 1952The Movie Stars Pt.1D3832
20502 Aug 1952The Movie Stars Pt.2D3832
205313 Sep 1952The Jungle PatrolD4532
205511 Oct 1952The Copter PiratesS3132
205625 Oct 1952The Fire GoddessS332
20596 Dec 1952The ImpostorS732
20613 Jan 1953Bobo the Toy DogD4632
206217 Jan 1953Castle in the CloudsS832

Editora Globo continued to produce Phantom comics under the tradename Rio Gráfica e Editora (RGE). Globo created RGE in 1948 for the purpose of handling publication of comic books.


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