The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

Team Fantomen Creators

Caricature of Team Fantomen

Below is a list of all known cover artists, story artists and story writers who have done work for Phantom publications in Sweden. In recent times, this dedicated group of people have become known as Team Fantomen. This is a truly cosmopolitan group, with representation from the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, England, Scotland, Argentina, USA and New Zealand. Sadly no Aussies (yet)! Note that artists who have only contributed to publications in Norway and Finland are not included in this list (yet). Also, eight artists drew covers for early Fantomen editions that did not feature The Phantom, but their names are still included here.

HåkonAasnesNorway   19821982 
DianeAlfredhssonSweden   19831986used the pen-name Dai Darell
PeterAnderssonSweden   19771977winner of the 1976 story competition
SverreÅrnesNorway   19901998 
TerjeAspmoSweden   19931995 
DonneAvenellEngland   19781997 
HeinerBadeGermany 19752003 
TonyBaggeSweden   19941994 
SyBarryUSA   20012001artist on the Phantom newspaper strip
AnthonyBennyItaly   19932000 
IngebjørgBerg HolmNorway   20032003 
LennartBergmanSweden   19721972 
GeorgesBessFrance   19761987used both the names Bess and Bessis
DavidBishopNew Zealand/
?BjörnSweden   19581958no Phantom on the cover
?BodinSweden   19581958no Phantom on the cover
Johan L.BorgnesNorway   19881990pen-name used by Terje Emberland and Henning Laugerud
IvánBoixSpain   19982001 
JoanBoixSpain  19942005 
JohnBullEngland   19762001pen-name for Norman Worker
JörgenBäckströmSweden   19931993developed the idea for the album story Jungle Snow
GeorgeCamitzSweden   19511956 
MarioCariaItaly   19971997 Also cover artist for Fratelli Spada
J.D.CarrickScotland/Sweden   19521956no Phantom on the covers
JoséCasanovasSpain   19881990 
JohnCassadayUSA   19991999 
   1988 2004 
DaiDarellSweden   19831986pen-name for Diane Alfredhsson
DanDavisUSA   20012001 
TonyDe PaulUSA   19932004 
LennartEkSweden   19441950 
AndersEklundSweden   19761979 
TerjeEmberlandNorway   19881990used the pen-name J.L. Borgnes with Henning Laugerud
ÖzcanEralpTurkey  19681991 
JörgenEwersSweden   19831983 
PeterFalckSweden   19851985creator of the Phantom musical, which was adapted in a story
RomanoFelmangItaly   1987 2005used the pen-name Fermang and Roy Mann
 FermangItaly   19872003pen-name for Romano Felmang & Germano Ferri
GermanoFerriItaly  19902000 
PeterFrimanSweden   1994 2003 
Dag R.FrognesNorway 20002002 
LaylaGaurazFrance   19831985 
DickGiordanoUSA  2002 2004 
RolfGohsSweden 19572003 
UlfGranbergSweden   19752005 
MartinGuhlGermany   19541958 
GöteGöranssonSweden   19561958 
JensHansegårdSweden   19972004used the pen-name Terrence Longstreet w/ Ken Ikonen and Kim McLaughlin
LennartHartlerSweden   19721973 
Per-ErikHedmanSweden   20012003 
Per G.HvidstenNorway   19921992winner of the 1987 story competition
KenIkonenSweden   19972004used the pen-name Terrence Longstreet w/ Jens Hansegård and Kim McLaughlin
EirikIldahlNorway   19811986used the pen-name Idi Kharelli
MatsIndsethSweden   19981998 
Kjell T.JohnsenNorway   19991999 
MatsJönssonSweden   19872002 
 Julez?   19531953no Phantom on the cover
IdiKharelliNorway   19811986pen-name for Eirik Ildahl
AlexanderKlingsporSweden   20002000 
MagnusKnutssonSweden   19701975 
EinarLagerwallSweden   19581958no Phantom on the cover
ErikLarsenNorway   19921992 
HenningLaugerudNorway   19881990used the pen-name J.L. Borgnes with Terje Emberland
KariLeppänenFinland 19792005 
HansLindahlSweden 19832005 
JohanLindblomSweden   19511952 
TerrenceLongstreetSweden   19972004pen-name for Jens Hansegård, Ken Ikonen and Kim McLaughlin
JanneLundströmSweden   19701977 
MagnusMagnussonSweden   19721972 
FedericoMaidaganSpain  19761976 
BoMajgrenSweden   19851989 
RoyMannItaly   1987 2005pen-name for Romano Felmang
?MauritzSweden   19511951 
KimMcLaughlinSweden   19972004used the pen-name Terrence Longstreet w/ Jens Hansegård and Ken Ikonen
BobMcLeodUSA   20032005 
Jean-YvesMittonFrance   19891993 
LennartMobergSweden  19922004 
EdwardMorrikItaly   19962000 
StefanNagySweden   19931994 
BengtNilssonSweden   19931993 
BörjeNilssonSweden   19661966 
GrahamNolanUSA   19992003artist on the Phantom Sunday strip
TerjeNordbergNorway   19821985Used the pen-names Ed Redno and Th Pelerin
GeorgeOlesenUSA   19911991artist on the Phantom newspaper strip
BoroPavlovicNorway  19931993cover artist for Norwegian Fantomet
Th.PelerinNorway   19821985Pen-name for Terje Nordberg; a "Pelerin" is a small falcon, to indicate that no-one compares to the "Great Falk"
DonPerlinUSA   20012002 
IdarPettersenNorway   19931994 
 PieroItaly   19901990pen-name for Pierfrancesco Prosperi
PierfrancescoProsperiItaly   19901990used the pen-name Piero
BenRaabUSA   19992003 
IlarioRanucciItaly   19941996used the pen-name Rancho
 RanchoItaly   19941996pen-name for Ilario Ranucci
 RaySweden   19521952no Phantom on the cover
EdRednoNorway   19821985pen-name for Terje Nordberg; Ed=Editor, Red=Redaktör (Norwegian for editor) and No=Norway
ClaesReimerthiSweden   19842005used the pen-name Michael Tierres
CiciRüetchiSweden   19931993developed the idea for the album story Jungle Snow
PaulRyanUSA  20012005 
UmbertoSammariniItaly  19912005used the pen-name Usam
AlexSaviukUSA   20042004 
?SelinSweden   19521953no Phantom on the cover
GöranSembSweden   19961996 
NilsSchröderSweden   19921995 
ÅkeSkiöld?   19511951no Phantom on the cover
TomSmithUSA   20012005 
CésarSpadariArgentina  19872005 
RogerSternUSA   20042004 
JohnStokesEngland   19861986 
TommySydsæterNorway   19851985 
AndersThorellSweden   19681970no complete story, only additional art
ChristerThunborgSweden   19951998 
MichaelTierresSweden   19842005pen-name for Claes Reimerthi
 UsamItaly  19912005pen-name for Umberto Sammarini
ClaudioWaldragItaly   19871995 
RudyWalkItaly   20002001pen-name for Rodolfo ?
KnutWestadNorway  19781986 
BertilWilhelmssonSweden  19631988 
NormanWorkerEngland   19762004used the pen-name John Bull
UrbanWrethagenSweden   19851985creator of the Phantom musical, which was adapted in a story


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