Fantomet Nr.5 / 2001

The following information is based on the Norwegian Fantomet magazine, published fortnightly by Egmont Scandinavia. Egmont also publish Fantomen in Sweden with a very similar format (a few days prior to the Norwegian edition), and Mustanaamio in Finland.

English translations of The Phantom stories created by Egmont's team of writers and artists are subsequently reprinted by Frew Publications (Australia) and Indian Express Egmont Publications (India).

Fantomet Special 9

Fantomet (Norway)
Nr.5 / 2001
by Rolf Gohs
Nr.5 / 2001
Release Date: 27 February 2001 (Norway), 22 February 2001 (Sweden)
  • Pages: 76 (all in full colour)
  • Price: Kr 24,- (Norwegian Kroner - approx. Aus$5.00)
  • Cover: Rolf Gohs

  • The Phantom: The Thirsty Goddess
    • Script: Mats Jönsson
    • Art: Carlos Cruz
    • 31 pages
    • In the Deep Woods, a lone man calls for The Phantom. He has a message from the Teseka tribe in the North, who have been visited by Prophets spreading rumours of green fields in the desert for all worshippers of the goddess Nefertiti ...

  • Herman The Heathen
    • Script, Art & Everything: Jonas Darnell
    • 1 page
    • A Swedish comedy strip (website)

  • Stig & Grieg
    • Script & Art: Alf Woxnerund
    • 2 pages
    • A Swedish comedy strip

  • Tybalt
    • Script: Mats Jönsson
    • Art: Ian Kennedy
    • 22 pages
    • A Swedish adventure strip

  • The Phantom: The Veiled Lady Pt.4
    • Script: Lee Falk
    • Art: Sy Barry
    • 67th Sunday newspaper story; 31 Oct 1965 - 8 May 1966.
    • 6 pages (conclusion)
    • Previous Norwegian appearances: Fa20/74, SP143/89.

  • The Phantom Club and Co. (an 8-page lift-out section)
    • The Phantom Club (3 pages) - editorial and reader letters & drawings.
    • Best Cover 2000 (2 pages) - a competition where readers get to vote for the best cover of the year.
    • The Boss Speaks (2 pages) - curly questions of Phantom lore are answered by the boss of the Phantom Club. Discussion of the "true" location of Walker's Table, plus an index of stories written by Phantom-veteran, Janne Lundström (Fantomet 1971-1977).
    • The Phantom Shop (1 page) - Fantomet merchandise for sale.

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Future issues planned as of 13 February 2001 (subject to change without notice):

New names here are Per Erik Hedman (Donald Duck writer) and artist Paul Ryan (American). Another new item to hopefully appear in Fa 14/2001 will be a 10-page Phantom story in cartoon style (something like Batman), by Ben Raab and Dan Davis. Two new non-Phantom contributions will be The Child Crusade by Rolf Gohs, and Merlin by Claes Reimerthi and Ola Skogäng.

My thanks to Kjell Steen for providing this information.

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