Fantomet Nr.13 / 2001

The following information is based on the Norwegian Fantomet magazine, published fortnightly by Egmont Scandinavia. Egmont also publish Fantomen in Sweden with a very similar format (a few days prior to the Norwegian edition), and Mustanaamio in Finland. The content list in Sweden and Finland differs slightly, eg. Viggo doesn't usually appear in Fantomen, and the 8 pages of Phantom Club are not in Mustanaamio.

English translations of The Phantom stories created by Egmont's team of writers and artists are subsequently reprinted by Frew Publications (Australia) and Indian Express Egmont Publications (India).

Fantomet Special 9

Fantomet (Norway)
Nr.13 / 2001
by Rolf Gohs

Fantomen (Sweden)
Nr.13 / 2001
by Rolf Gohs

Mustanaamio (Finland)
Nr.13 / 2001
by Rolf Gohs

Nr.13 / 2001
Release Date: 19 June 2001 (Norway), 14 June 2001 (Sweden), 14 June 2001 (Finland)
  • Pages: 76 (all in full colour)
  • Price: Kr 26,- (Norwegian Kroner - approx. Aus$5.40)
  • Cover: Rolf Gohs
  • Bonus: free Phantom Skull ring with this issue (see image on the right)

  • The Phantom: The Airplane Pirates
    • Script: Ulf Granberg
    • Art: Jaime Vallvé
    • 33 pages
    • The state-owned Stevens Mine intends to transport its cargo by air. The Phantom's friend Caleb Kagoda and his Kagoda Air tender for the contract, and then things become interesting ...
    • In honour of the artist and comic creator Jaime Vallvé who died in October last year, the Egmont editors chose some favourite adventures from his large Phantom output. This story previously appeared in Fantomen Nr.26 / 1976 (Sweden), Fantomet Nr.8 / 1977 (Norway), Frew #1295 (2001).

  • The Phantom: The Lions of Kukhan Pt.3
    • Script: Lee Falk
    • Art: Sy Barry
    • 5 pages
    • 70th Sunday newspaper story; 9 Apr - 6 Aug 1967.
    • Previous Norwegian appearances: Fa4/69, Fa5/77.

  • The Phantom Club and Co. (an 8-page lift-out section)
    • The Phantom Club (5 pages) - editorial and reader letters & drawings. Includes a competition to win a computer game.
    • The Boss Speaks (2 pages) - curly questions of Phantom lore are answered by the boss of the Phantom Club. Features a history of Doctor Thorbjorn Axel, who Sy Barry modelled on Albert Schweitzer, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.
    • The Phantom Shop (1 page)

  • The Death Game Pt.19: Prisoner in Coco's Dream
    • Script: Tony De Paul
    • Art: Kari Leppänen
    • 15 pages
    • An adventure story from two members of Team Fantomen.

  • Mandrake: Sky Raid
    • Script: Lee Falk
    • Art: Phil Davis
    • 10 pages
    • Sunday newspaper story; 11 Dec 1960 - 5 Feb 1961.

Future issues planned as of 23 July 2001 (subject to change without notice):

New names here are Per Erik Hedman (Donald Duck writer), artist Paul Ryan (American), and artist Don Perlin. Another new item to appear in Fa 17/2001 will be a 10-page Phantom story in cartoon style (something like Batman), called The Hero by Ben Raab and Dan Davis. Two new non-Phantom contributions will be The Child Crusade by Rolf Gohs, and Merlin by Claes Reimerthi and Ola Skogäng.

My thanks to Kjell Steen for providing this information. My appreciation also to Brian Jensen, Bosse Engberg and Kari Elkelä for the Swedish and Finnish cover scans.

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