Fantomet (Norway)
Special 9
by Zibell, McCoy & Moore
Fantomet Special 9
Release Date: 13 February 2001 (Norway)
  • Pages: 108 (black & white interior)
  • Price: Kr 35,- (Norwegian Kroner - approx. Aus$7.30)
  • Cover: Volker Zibell adapted from Wilson McCoy & Ray Moore panels (incorrectly credited to McCoy and Barry on page 2)
  • 5 page introductory editorial by Kjell Steen

  • The Phantom Goes To War (The Inexorables)
    • Script: Lee Falk
    • Art: Ray Moore & Wilson McCoy
    • 98 pages
    • 16th daily newspaper story; 2 Feb 1942 - 9 Jan 1943.
    • The first Norwegian reprint of this classic Lee Falk daily strip story. The book uses the artwork assembled for Frew #1274 (20 October 2000), including the old photo of Lee Falk and his young daughter Valerie.

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Future issues planned as of 13 February 2001 (subject to change without notice):

New names here are Per Erik Hedman (Donald Duck writer) and artist Paul Ryan (American). Another new item to hopefully appear in Fa 14/2001 will be a 10-page Phantom story in cartoon style (something like Batman), by Ben Raab and Dan Davis. Two new non-Phantom contributions will be The Child Crusade by Rolf Gohs, and Merlin by Claes Reimerthi and Ola Skogäng.

My thanks to Kjell Steen for providing this information.

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