The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Australia

by Bryan Shedden

Everybody's Magazine (1961-68)

(Consolidated Press)

Aug 1, 1962

Dec 5, 1962

Everybody's Magazine was Australia's leading teen-oriented entertainment publication in the early 1960s. First published in 1961, it was produced by the Packer family's Consolidated Press company. The magazine focussed on stories and pinups of local and international pop music, movie and TV personalities, with the occasional excursion into tabloid territory. When The Phantom finished in the last issue of The Australian Woman's Mirror in June 1961, it was almost immediately picked up in Everybody's Magazine. The last story to appear in the Woman's Mirror was The River Gang (S54) but only the first 8 weeks of the 20 week story were published. It is not known if this story was completed in Everybody's Magazine. However, the next story The Honeymooners (S55) certainly was, and the weekly magazine continued with the Phantom Sunday strips in sequential order. The one exception was The Astronaut and the Pirates (S61) which was initially skipped before making an appearance a few years later. As with the Woman's Mirror, the Phantom strips in Everybody's Magazine were about 16 months behind the original US newspaper appearance date. The last known Phantom story to appear in Everybody's Magazine was Rex King (S68) in 1967. The magazine was cancelled in 1968 although it is not known if The Phantom continued until the end.

Story TitleCodeNewspaper
Start Date
1961The HoneymoonersS5529 May 1960
1962The Goggle-Eye PiratesS5630 Oct 1960
1962FluffyS572 Apr 1961
?The LimperS58 *20 Aug 1961
1963Queen Samaris XIIS595 Nov 1961
1963Treasure of the Skull CaveS6020 May 1962
1964Old BaldyS6219 May 1963
1964The Giant Bird of GandorS6322 Dec 1963
1965The Founding of the Jungle PatrolS645 Jul 1964
1965The Great Web of SpideraS6531 Jan 1965
1966The Astronaut and the PiratesS614 Nov 1962
1966Mystery of Wamba Falls InnS664 Jul 1965
1966The Veiled LadyS6731 Oct 1965
1967Rex KingS6815 May 1966

* = it is not known if The Limper(S58) was actually published, but it would be the next story in the sequence

Thanks to Wally Bratasiuk for research into Everybody's Magazine, and Barry Stubberfield for sharing this information.


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