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Fa-Clube do Fantasma Brazil

(The Phantom Fan Club Brazil)

Alex Sandro (President) and Henrique Ruiz Poyatos Neto (Vice-President) run this new Phantom Fan Club from Sao Paulo in Brazil. Only a year after the Club was launched in September 1995, they already have 50 members, despite limited publicity. Henrique produces a MONTHLY newsletter called Diario da Selva (Diary of the Jungle), which he sends to all members. The newsletter page size is A5 (150mm by 210mm), and each issue runs for 12 pages. At present, it is only available in Portugeuse, but Henrique is intending to produce an English version for those who want it. Topics covered include the new movie, Phantom 2040, letters from fans, Brazilian and international Phantom publications, and Phantom trivia. Also included in each issue is 2 or 3 weeks of the current daily strip story, with a Portugeuse translation. This is a great new Fan Club, especially considering the price ... R$1 per issue for Brazilian residents, and US$3 per issue for overseas members.

Henrique Ruiz Poyatos Neto
Phantom Fan Club Brazil
Rua Oderci Batista Soares, 139
Jd. Assuncao - Sao Paulo-SP
E-mail :

Fantasma Fan Club

Dedy Edson is the President of this Club. There is no newsletter for the Club, but there is no charge for membership. Apparently, Dedy has prepared a 200 page book called The Phantom Universe which contains carefully researched information about the history of the Ghost Who Walks, covers all of the Phantom comics published in Brazil, and articles from comics and newspapers. He is currently seeking a publisher for this book.

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