FREW Phantom Publishing Chronology

The Fifth Decade (Part 2): 1993 - 1997

The FREW Renaissance

IssueStory TitleWriterArtistSource
1031The Fire of LifeTierresLindahlF 19/85
1032BLOCKBUSTER ISSUE (356 pages) - no replica issue this time
1032The Fire GoddessFalkMooreS3
1032The BeachcomberFalkMooreS4
1032The SaboteursFalkMooreS5
1032The First PhantomFalkBarryS96
1032The Wedding of the PhantomFalkBarryD136
1032The EpidemicFalkBarryD83
1032The Lake LadyFalkBarryD158
1032The Beasts of Madame KahnCutiNewtonCharlton #68
1032The TorchParilloNewtonCharlton #73
1032Poisoned DreamsKharelliLeppänenF 15/82
1032Hero's Death SentenceDarellLeppänenF 20/83
1032The King is DeadWorkerLeppänenF 26/87
1032The Wolf is ComingÅrnesSpadariF 15/92
1033Tiger, TigerFalkBarryS138
1034Mysterious KarapuraFalkBarryS118
1035The Ghost TribeUnknownLignanteCharlton #35
1036The Attilan MysteryFalkBarryD177
1037The Knight of La ManchaWorkerCruzF 18/92
1038The Last MissionTierresFelmang/FerriF 21/92
1039Takal's MaskWorkerCruzF 17/92
1040The Drug SharksSchröderFelmang/UsamF 7/92
1041The Phantom Goes to WarFalkMoore/McCoyD16
1042The Uranium WreckÅrnesBadeF 1/93
1043White as Snow - Red as BloodMobergFermangF 22/92
1044Fiery Revengede PaulFelmang/FerriF 2/93
1045Marsh of the Endless WindGoodallMittonF 3/93
1046The Witch HuntGoodallLeppänenF 20/92
1046Mombutu - The Power of Evilde PaulLeppänenF 4/93
1046The Mystery of the Mali IbexPearsonNewtonCharlton #70
1047The Castle of EvilWorkerLindahlF 2/88
1048The Ghost on Flight 302WorkerCasanovasF 8/88
1049Son of the DesertGranbergVallvèF 14/76
1050The Moxley AwardsFalkBarryD178
1051The First PhantomTierresLeppänenF 25/84
1051The Monster of ZanadarClarkNewtonCharlton #71
1051How The Phantom Saved The EarthFalkBarryS139
1052The Final BattleMobergFermangF 6/93
1053The Hidden Peoplede PaulFelmang/FerriF 12/93
1054Jungle SnowTierresFelmangF 13/93
1055Kukailomoko Pt.1: In the Grip of the SpaniardsÅrnesCruzF 8/93
1056Kukailomoko Pt.2: Phan-tonÅrnesCruzF 9/93
1056Kukailomoko Pt.3: The City of SlavesÅrnesCruzF 9/93
1057Wanted: For MurderPettersenNagy/BoroF 14/93
1058The GhostLundströmVallvèF 24/72
1059Aronde PaulLindahlF 15/93
1060The Gray GangFalkMcCoyD40
1061The Golden Sands of Keela WeeFalkBarryS69
1061The Lions of KukhanFalkBarryS70
1061The Delta PiratesFalkBarryS103
1061The Star of BangallaFalkBarryS107
1062The Beast and the BeautiesNilssonLindahlF 20/93
1063GOLDEN AGE SPECIAL (300 pages) + #3 replica issue
1063The Ismani CannibalsFalkMcCoyS9
1063The CroonerFalkMcCoyD21
1063The Childhood of the PhantomFalkMcCoyS11
1063The Golden PrincessFalkMcCoyS12
1063Lago the Lake GodFalkMcCoyD24
1063The Strange FishermanFalkMcCoyS13
1063The Wild GirlFalkMcCoyD25
1063Queen Pera the PerfectFalkMooreS14
1063The Dragon GodFalkMooreS18
1063The Governor's FamilyFalkMcCoyD43
1063The ProfessorFalkMcCoyD44
1063The CrybabyFalkMcCoyD71
1063Mister Hog (#3 Replica)FalkMcCoyD29
1064The Ibis Mystery Pt.1: The Evil ParadiseWorkerLeppänenF 21/93
1065The Ibis Mystery Pt.2: Kazcim Master of the DumbWorkerLeppänenF 22/93
1066The Ibis Mystery Pt.3: ScarfaceWorkerLeppänenF 23/93
1067The Ibis Mystery Pt.4: At the Edge of the GraveWorkerLeppänenF 24/93
1068JulieWorkerBessF 25/85
1068The Jungle OlympicsFalkBarryS140
1068The Phantom TrophyFalkMooreS20
1068Fathers and SonsFalkMcCoyD34
1069The ImpostorFalkMooreS7
1070SamarisFalkFelmang/FerriF 25/93
1071The HydraFalkBarryD102
1072The Maestrode PaulFelmang/WaldragF 26/93
1073The Black Gold PiratesFalkBarryS74
1073The Golden WoodFalkBarryS92
1073Crazy Louie's StoryFalkBarryS114
1074The Ghost Of Tawasu ValleyAvenellSpadariF 1/94
1075The Carlyle's Good MarkFalkMcCoyD70
1076Operation Jungle PatrolAvenellCruzF 2/94
1077The Doomsday MountainMobergLeppänenF 3/94
1078Whirlpool ChannelFalkMcCoyD41
1078The Crown Jewels of CorbaFalkMcCoyD68
1078The ScorpiaFalkMcCoyD69
1079Election In Bengali Pt.1ReimerthiLindahlF 4/94
1080Election In Bengali Pt.2ReimerthiLindahlF 5/94
1081The PlottersFalkBarryD181
1081The Isle of DeathFalkBarryS141
1082The Revenge of Dogai SinghWorkerFelmang/BennyF 7/94
1083The Demon of WasakaWorkerSpadariF 8/94
1084Hunted (The Fugitive)MobergLeppänenF 9/94
1085Princess ValerieFalkMoore/McCoyD27
1086Struggle For Freedomde PaulMoberg/VallvèF 10/94
1087The Evil Game Pt.1ReimerthiCruzF 11/94
1088The Evil Game Pt.2ReimerthiCruzF 12/94
1089Seconds From DeathReimerthiLindahlF 13/94
1090The Vandal LootersFalkBarryD122
1091The Commander Is DeadAvenellLeppänenF 16/94
1092The King of ChicagoMobergLindahlF 14/94
1092The Phantom CowboyFalkBarry/Olesen/WilliamsD182
1093Hijackers On Boardde PaulSpadariF 15/94
1094LEE FALK TRIBUTE ISSUE (316 pages) + #4 replica issue and Project Kit (16 pages)
1094The Mysterious PassengerFalkMcCoyS26
1094A Proper HusbandFalkMcCoyS43
1094The Wisdom of SolomonFalkMcCoyD60
1094The Valley Of No ReturnFalkMcCoyD67
1094The Veiled LadyFalkBarryS67
1094Rex KingFalkBarryS68
1094The Rogue ElephantFalkBarryD99
1094Strangers at Keela-WeeFalkBarryS72
1094Rex and the Trophy ThievesFalkBarryD100
1094The Sky DiversFalkBarryS90
1094Rex and the Little PeopleFalkBarryS91
1094The Pampered PrincessFalkBarryD123
1094The Return of General BababuFalkBarryD142
1094Romance and the Vesta Pirates (#4 Replica)FalkMcCoyD30
1094The Phantom Project KitShepherdFord
1095The Curse of the Sacred ImageFalkBarryD124
1096The Triads Pt.1: Deadly CargoReimerthiFelmang/BennyF 19/94
1096Phantom WorldFalkBarry/Olesen/DoeserS142
1097The Triads Pt.2: The Five ThunderboltsReimerthiFelmang/RanchoF 20/94
1098The Triads Pt.3: The Tiger QueenReimerthiFelmang/FerriF 21/94
1099The Triads Pt.4: Death in ShanghaiReimerthiFelmang/FerriF 22/94
1100The Triads Pt.5: At the End of the RoadReimerthiFelmang/BennyF 23/94
1101The Mysterious AmbassadorFalkBarryD85
1101The Tree HouseFalkBarryD143
1101The PoachersFalkBarryD144
1102Caught in the CrossfireReimerthiCruzF 24/94
1103The Ghost of HMS AtroposWorkerFelmangF 1/95
1104The Murder RapMobergBadeF 2/95
1105The Count of BengaliReimerthiFelmang/BennyF 3/95
1106Gooroo's Jungle MuggersFalkBarryD145
1107The Bird Man of BengaliGoodallCruzF 15/91
1108The Imaginary PlaymateFalkMcCoyS36
1108The Art ThievesFalkBarryD103
1108Little GirlFalkBarryS95
1108The Return of Gooroo's MobFalkBarryD148
1109The Mummy's CurseLundströmVallvèF 15/76
1110Thief on Board (The Parrot)AvenellFelmang/FerriF 6/92
1111The Secret AgentReimerthiCruzF 5/95
1112The Wreck in Bengali BayAvenellFelmang/Ferri/BennyF 7/95
1113Wambalu The WitchmanSchröderSpadariF 4/95
1114Assignment in RigaMobergFelmang/UsamF 8/95
1115Death from RadiationMobergMoberg/ThunborgF 9/95
1116The Crown Prince Mysteryde PaulLindahlF 6/95
1117Madcap MiriamFalkMcCoyS35
1117The Underwater Diamond ThievesFalkMcCoyD72
1117Buried TreasureFalkOlesen/WilliamsD183
1118Duel on Destiny Top Pt.1ReimerthiCruzF 13/95
1119Duel on Destiny Top Pt.2ReimerthiCruzF 14/95
1120The Set UpMobergLindahlF 15/95
1121The Golden FalconWorkerLeppänenF 11/95
1122Revenge of the Pirate QueenWorkerSpadariF 16/95
1123Pirate DayFalkMcCoyS45
1123The Jungle PatrolFalkMcCoyD45
1123The Beasts of Phantom Head PeakFalkOlesen/WilliamsD184
1123Battle of the Jungle BoysFalkOlesen/Doeser/FredericksS143
1124Jungle BaitMobergMoberg/ThunborgF 18/95
1125COLLECTOR'S SPECIAL (324 pages) + #5 replica issue
1125The Masked BallFalkBarryD104
1125Rex, The Missing HeirFalkBarryD106
1125The GladiatorFalkBarryD107
1125Star of BangallaFalkBarryD129
1125Devil's StoryAvenellBessF 23/79
1125Duel in Venice Pt.2: The Battle on MaltaWorkerLeppänenF 10/86
1125The Phantom in Australia Pt.1: Wuluti's SecretWorkerCruzF 19/89
1125The Phantom in Australia Pt.2: The Black FireWorkerCruzF 20/89
1125Cleopatra's AspTierresLeppänenF 25/89
1125The TestWorkerLeppänenF 5/93
1125Rumble in the JungleShepherdChatto1st Australian
1125The Phantom's Treasure (#5 Replica)FalkMooreD15
1126The Gun RunnersMobergBadeF 19/95
1127Gullique - The Island of DoomFalkLeppänenF 17/95
1127The Missing LinkFalkBarryS77
1128The Singh Brotherhood - 60th AnniversaryFalkFalk/MooreD1
1129The Suicide Missionde PaulFermang/BennyF 20/95
1130The Street KidsReimerthiSpadariF 22/95
1131The Search for ByronShepherdFord4th Australian
1132Public Enemy Number OneReimerthiLeppänenF 24/95
1133Raiders of the Eastern DarkFalkOlesen/WilliamsD185
1133The Jungle HomeFalkBarryD105
1133The HijackersFalkBarryS76
1133Crook's HavenFalkBarryS113
1134Fire in the Bloodde PaulFelmang/WaldragF 21/95
1135The Last VikingWorkerLindahlF 1/96
1136The Snake Cult Pt.1MobergCruzF 23/95
1137The Snake Cult Pt.2MobergCruzF 2/96
1138The Sea JackalsAvenellLeppänenF 3/96
1139The Mermaids of Melo StraitsFalkFelmang/FerriF 26/95
1139The Magic FluteAvenellLindahlF 25/95
1140Captain Walker's Diary Pt.1ReimerthiFelmang/UsamF 4/96
1141Captain Walker's Diary Pt.2: The Golden ManReimerthiFelmang/RanchoF 6/96
1142Queen MedusaFalkOlesen/FredericksS144
1142Mr BigFalkOlesen/WilliamsD186
1143The Devil's Library Pt.1ReimerthiBoixF 5/96
1144The Devil's Library Pt.2ReimerthiBoixF 11/96
1145Thor's Hammerde PaulSpadariF 7/96
1146The Disappearance of Prince RexAvenellBadeF 8/96
1147The Sky BandFalkMooreD2
1148The Marshall SistersFalkMoore/McCoyS19
1149A Bandar's PrideSembLindahlF 9/96
1151Operation HadesReimerthiCruzF 10/96
1152Blood BrothersMobergFelmang/BennyF 12/96
1153Ali Baba's Cavede PaulSpadariF 13/96
1154The Phantom's EngagementFalkMcCoyD18
1154The LookoutFalkOlesen/FredericksS145
1154Drama on EdenFalkOlesen/WilliamsD187
1155The Devil's Library Pt.3: The Guardians of the DeadReimerthiBoixF 18/96
1156ANNUAL SPECIAL (332 pages) + #6 replica issue
1156The Devil RoadFalkMcCoyD31
1156The Lady LuckFalkMcCoyD32
1156The Toad MenFalkMcCoyD48
1156The BetrothalFalkMcCoyD73
1156The Swamp RatsFalkMcCoyD74
1156The WerewolfFalkMcCoyD81
1156Alexander's Diamond CupFalkBarryS81
1156Jungle OlympicsFalkBarryS109
1156Queen Karola of Kula-KuFalkBarryD150
1156Return of the Singh BrotherhoodShepherdChatto2nd Australian
1156The Singh Brotherhood (#6 Replica)FalkFalk/MooreD1
1157Curse of the Singh BrotherhoodMobergBadeF 17/96
1158Guardians of the DeadAvenellSpadariF 19/96
1159The Wages of SinReimerthiFelmangF 20/96
1160The Devil's Library Pt.4: The Secret ChamberReimerthiLeppänenF 26/96
1161The Royal Murder Plot Pt.1 The Fatal LettersWorkerFelmangF 16/96
1161The Royal Murder Plot Pt.2ReimerthiCruzF 16/96
1161The Tiger GirlFalkMcCoyD42
1162Death of Lubanga Pt.1: The Peace Prize WinnerReimerthiLindahlF 24/96
1162Death of Lubanga Pt.2: The Last BattleReimerthiLindahlF 25/96
1163The Wharf RatsFalkBarryD84
1164Mission to AntarcticaAvenellCruzF 22/96
1165The ExperimentMobergSpadariF 1/97
1166The Drummer of TimpenniFalkBarryD87
1167Prince Rex - KidnappedFalkOlesen/WilliamsD188
1167The Flirtatious PrincessFalkMcCoyD35
1167The Great AjaxFalkMcCoyD47
1167The Gibs BrothersFalkMcCoyS40
1168The Secret of the WellAvenellBadeF 4/97
1169The False TsarIkonen/HansegårdFelmang/BennyF 2/97
1170The ReefFalkBarryD88
1171The Jungle SayingGoodallCruzF 6/97
1172The Viking Castle Mysteryde PaulSpadariF 7/97
1173The Ghostly RuinsReimerthiLeppänenF 8/97
1174The Murderers from MoscowÅrnesLindahlF 9/97
1175The Adventures of Lucy CaryFalkBarryD89
1176The Skull Cave MysteryAvenellFelmang/BennyF 10/97
1177The Secret of Sasquatch Valleyde PaulBadeF 23/96
1177The Master SpyFalkMcCoyS38
1178The CavelandsFalkBarryD126
1179The Golden Fleece Pt.1: ArgoReimerthiBoixF 12/97
1180The Golden Fleece Pt.2: The Grave of TiberiusReimerthiBoixF 14/97
1181Revenge of the Navajode PaulCruzF 11/97
1181The Silks of EmiraFalkOlesen/WilliamsD189
1181The Lady from NowhereFalkMcCoyD49
1182The Golden Fleece Pt.3: Medea's RevengeReimerthiBoixF 16/97
1183The Golden Fleece Pt.4ReimerthiBoixF 18/97
1184The Governor and SuzieFalkMcCoyD19
1185Bastis - The Cat GoddessReimerthiFelmang/BennyF 13/97
1185The MatchmakerFalkMcCoyD50
1185Mystery of Kula-KuFalkBarryD130
1186The Mystery of Crocco Islandde PaulSpadariF 15/97

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