FREW Phantom Publishing Chronology

The Sixth Decade (Part 1): 1998-2002

IssueStory TitleWriterArtistSource
1187ANNUAL SPECIAL (316 pages) + #7 replica issue
1187King FatsoMobergFelmang/BennyF 20/97
1187Ragon's GameFalkMcCoyD52
1187The Slimming of Prince TagonFalkMcCoyD56
1187The ReporterFalkMcCoyD76
1187The Gurk TwinsFalkMcCoyD78
1187The Frame-Up (The President's Son)FalkBarryD101
1187The Missing Daddy (The Runaway Girl)FalkBarryD108
1187Luaga's Undercover TourFalkBarryD109
1187S.S. Blitz (The Crimewave)FalkBarryD131
1187Visit to BaronkhanFalkBarryD152
1187The Necklace of SolomonFalkBarryD153
1187The ShamanFalkOlesen/WilliamsD190
1187The Game of Alvar (#7 Replica)FalkMooreD13
1188The Ghost Who Died TwiceWorkerLindahlF 19/97
1189The Devil's AnvilAvenellCruzF 21/97
1190The Gold RobbersGoodallBoixF 22/97
1191The Island of Deathde PaulSpadariF 23/97
1192MarabellaReimerthiFelmang/BennyF 24/97
1192The 50th WifeFalkMcCoyD79
1193Puppets of DeathReimerthiCruzF 25/97
1194The PsychopathMobergMoberg/ThunborgF 1/98
1195The Phantom from The BronxÅrnesBadeF 2/98
1196The Royal Palace FireReimerthiLindahlF 26/97
1197Lily Palmer's SecretÅrnesFelmang/BennyF 3/98
1197Joomkar's CrownFalkOlesen/WilliamsD191
1198Return of the Crocco Gangde PaulSpadariF 4/98
1199The Hollywood Murdersde PaulBoixF 5/98
1200The Assassination of Prince WilliamÅrnesFelmang/BennyF 6/98
1201The InheritanceReimerthiLindahlF 7/98
1202Worubu's SecretReimerthiCruzF 8/98
1203City of the Skull-Marked MenGoodallSpadariF 9/98
1203The Maharajah's DaughterFalkMcCoyD22
1204The BetrayalReimerthiBadeF 10/98
1205The Curse of RakshasaIkonen/Hansgård/
Felmang/BennyF 11/98
1206Blind JusticeGoodallBoixF 14/98
1207Revenge of the HarlequinReimerthiCruzF 13/98
1208Return of the Zombies (see 853A)LindahlLindahlF 15/98
120950TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (212 pages) + bonus Frew Index (44 pages)
1209Death in Central Parkde PaulBoixF 12/98
1209The Movie StarsFalkMcCoyD38
1209The Phantom's RingFalkMcCoyS28
1209The Rope PeopleFalkMcCoyS29
1209Phantom TreasureFalkBarryS93
1209Tale of JoombaFalkBarryS94
1210The Ku Klux KlanGranbergBadeF 19/78
1211The Ring of Death Pt.1Leppänen/GranbergLeppänenF 17/98
1212The Ring of Death Pt.2Leppänen/GranbergLeppänenF 19/98
1212The CraterFalkOlesen/WilliamsD192
1213The MastermindLindahlLindahlF 18/98
1214The Star of SekhmetIkonen/Hansgård/
Felmang/MorrikF 20/98
1215GoldhandLundströmBessF 8/77
1216The Return of Goldhandde PaulBadeF 22/98
1216The Vanished VillageFalkOlesen/FredericksS148
1216Golden Beach of Keela-WeeFalkBarryS120
1216Oogooru and the WitchmenFalkMcCoyD75
1217The Horns of JerichoMobergCruzF 23/98
1218The Last Phantom Pt.1: The Eighth CircleReimerthiFelmangF 24/98
1219ANNUAL SPECIAL (316 pages) + #8 replica issue
1219The Female PhantomFalkMcCoyS32
1219The Super ApesFalkMcCoyD51
1219The BeltFalkMcCoyS37
1219The Wrestling TourneyFalkMcCoyD54
1219Alexander's CupFalkMcCoyS39
1219A Lesson for Prince OrqFalkMcCoyS48
1219The Little OnesFalkBarryS73
1219The Swamp DragonFalkBarryS101
1219The Uninvited VisitorsFalkBarryS112
1219Tale of RexFalkBarryD149
1219The Missing Link FamilyFalkBarryS117
1219The Kings Cross ConnectionShepherdChatto3rd Australian
1219The Sky Band (#8 Replica)FalkMooreD2
1220The Last Phantom Pt.2: The ChoiceReimerthiFelmangF 25/98
1221The Temple of Seven DollsHansgård/McLaughlinSpadariF 26/98
1222The Well of TimeLongstreetBoixF 1/99
1223Mystery of the CryptReimerthiBoixF 2/99
1223The Dakk PiratesFalkOlesen/WilliamsD193
1223Hzz and Hrz (What's Wrong with Hzz?)FalkBarryS106
1224The Harbourmaster's Secretde PaulSpadariF 3/99
1225Lord of the JungleJohnsen/ReimerthiBadeF 4/99
1226A Deadly GameReimerthiCruzF 5/99
1226The Floradon MysteryFalkOlesen/FredericksS149
1226The Eastern DarkFalkBarryS119
1226The Horned Star DemonsFalkMcCoyS42
1227Return of the TerroristsFalkBarryD132
1228Ruler of BaronkhanFalkBarryD159
1229The Assassination of President Lincolnde PaulSpadariF 6/99
1230Purple Killerde PaulFelmangF 7/99
1230The AlbeeFalkOlesen/WilliamsD194
1230The Monkey Mail (The Diamond Hijackers)FalkMcCoyD77
1230Jungle CityFalkBarryD139
1231The Montbar TreasureReimerthiBoixF 8/99
1232The TraitorLindahlLindahlF 9/99
1233The Black PhantomWorkerFelmangF 10/99
1234The ThuggeesFalkMcCoyD36
1234The Crescent CultFalkMcCoyS41
1234The FrameupFalkMcCoyS49
1235The Voodoo MenaceReimerthiLindahlF 11/99
1236The Gold BuddhaReimerthiCruzF 12/99
1237Alliance of the Golden OxReimerthiSpadariF 13/99
1238NautilusLongstreetFelmangF 14/99
1239The Lethal ScienceReimerthiLindahlF 15/99
1239The KidnappersFalk/FalkOlesen/FredericksS150
1239Terror at the OperaFalk/FalkOlesen/WilliamsD195
1240The TempleRaabBoixF 16/99
1241The Castle of DarknessReimerthiBoixF 17/99
1242The Freedom TrailGoodallFelmangF 18/99
1243Messenger of Evilde PaulBadeF 19/99
1244The Doomsday SectRaabSpadariF 20/99
1244Queen Sansamor and the Sixth ManFalkMcCoyD59
1244The Grove of the Sleeping GiantFalkMcCoyD62
1245The Barbary PiratesWorkerCruzF 21/99
1246The Halloween GangReimerthiLindahlF 22/99
1247Live CargoReimerthiSpadariF 23/99
1248The Monumentde PaulBoixF 25/99
1248The HuntersFalkBarryS102
1248The 'Copter PiratesFalkMcCoyS31
1248The WigFalkBarryS84
1248The Ape Idol of the DuruguFalkMcCoyS25
1249ANNUAL SPECIAL (300 pages) + #9 replica issue
1249Little Tommy (Toma)FalkMooreD4
1249The Prisoner of the HimalayasFalkMooreD5
1249Adventure in AlgiersFalkMooreD6
1249The Shark's NestFalkMooreD7
1249The Slave TradersFalkMooreD9
1249The Mysterious GirlFalkMooreD10
1249The Golden CircleFalkMooreD11
1249Fishers of Pearls (#9 Replica)FalkMooreD8
1250St Lucifer of the DarknessReimerthiBadeF 2/00
1250The Magic Ivory CageLignanteLignanteMandrake #3
1251The Monster of Green ValleyFalkMcCoyS50
1252Tiger GirlFalk/GranbergFelmang/FerriF 1/00
1253The Witches of Bedburg Pt.1: The Water TestMobergLeppänenF 3/00
1254The Wharf RatsFalkOlesen/FredericksS151
1254Fishers of PearlsFalkMooreD8
1254The WitchmanFalkBarryD116
1254The Tanker JackersFalkBarryD117
1255The Witches of Bedburg Pt.2: The Evil OneMobergLeppänenF 4/00
1256The Spear of Destiny Pt.1RaabBoixF 5/00
1257Revenge of Lubanga Pt.1: The Doublede PaulFelmang/BennyF 6/00
1258Revenge of Lubanga Pt.2: Double Gamede PaulSpadariF 7/00
1259The Story of HeroLignanteLignanteKing #27
1259Prince Bular of TulanaFalkBarryD110
1259The Three BanditsFalkBarryD137
1259The Ghost Wallde PaulOlesen/WilliamsD196
1260The Gold MonkeyLongstreetCruzF 8/00
1261The Spear of Destiny Pt.2: Deadly CargoRaabBoixF 10/00
1262Viva Las Vegasde PaulSpadariF 11/00
1263The HoneymoonersFalkMcCoyS55
1264Queen PeraFalk/GranbergFelmang/FerriF 9/00
1264The Treasure Hunters (African Queen)de PaulOlesen/WilliamsD198
1265Fight Evil Pt.1ReimerthiBadeF 12/00
1266Fight Evil Pt.2ReimerthiFelmang/MorrikF 13/00
1267The Black QueenLongstreetFelmang/BennyF 14/00
1268The 22nd Phantom Pt.1LindahlLindahlF 15/00
1269The 22nd Phantom Pt.2LindahlLindahlF 16/00
1270The Return of the Sky BandFalkMooreS6
1270The Halloween Kidnappers (The Halloween Gang)ReimerthiOlesen/WilliamsD197
1270The Strange Bank Robber (The Agawa-Flower)ReimerthiOlesen/WilliamsD199
1271Julie and the WitchdoctorReimerthiFelmangF 17/00
1272The Tomb of TzakaJönssonLeppänenF 18/00
1273The Zombie Maker Pt.1FrognesBoixF 19/00
1274The Phantom Goes To WarFalkMoore/McCoyD16
1275The Zombie Maker Pt.2: The Witchdoctors SecretFrognesBadeF 20/00
1276The Phantom vs Singh 2050ReimerthiLindahlF 21/00
1277A Deadly ChoiceMobergCruzF 22/00
1278The Spear of Destiny Pt.3: The Devil's WhirlpoolRaabBoixF 23/00
1279The Spear of Destiny Pt.4: Child of DestinyRaabBoixF 26/00
1279The ShopliftersFalkMcCoyD63
1279The Heavyweight ChampionFalkMcCoyD64
1279The Secret City (The Descendants of Carthage)de PaulOlesen/WilliamsD200
1280ANNUAL SPECIAL (268 pages) + #10 replica issue
1280The ShipwreckersReimerthi/AvenellOlesen/FredericksS152
1280The Plant God of the MassauFalkMcCoyS51
1280The Childhood of The PhantomFalkMcCoyS53
1280The River GangFalkMcCoyS54
1280Oogooru and the WitchmenFalkMcCoyD75
1280The Goggle Eye PiratesFalkMcCoyS56
1280The Iron DragonFalkMcCoyD80
1280The Bad OnesFalkBarryD90
1280The KillerFalkBarryD94
1280The Seahorse Pt.1 (#10 Replica)FalkMooreD12
1281The Sword of Atan SinghJönssonSpadariF 24/00
1282The Baltimore Mysteryde PaulSpadariF 25/00
1283The Lady Luck Pt.1Falk/GranbergFelmangF 1/01
1284The Lady Luck Pt.2Falk/GranbergFelmangF 2/01
1285Island of Vengeance ReimerthiLindahlF 4/01
1286The Thirsty GoddessJönssonCruzF 5/01
1286Woduro's Secret ReimerthiNolanS153
1286The Astronaut and the PiratesFalkBarryS61
1287The Dark Secretde PaulSpadariF 6/01
1288Treasure of St LuciferReimerthiBadeF 3/01
1289Durham's CurseReimerthiBoixF 7/01
1290The Black CatLongstreetFelmangF 8/01
1291The Giant Bird of GandorFalkBarryS63
1291The Founding of the Jungle PatrolFalkBarryS64
1291Valley of the GorillamanReimerthiOlesen/WilliamsD201
1291The Girl PhantomLignanteLignanteMandrake #4
1292The Prodigal SonReimerthiSpadariF 9/01
1293The Keeper of the Peace (Peace of the Golden Ox)FalkBarryD118
1294The VulturesFalkBarryD114
1295Death in the SkyGranbergVallvéF 8/77
1296Night of the PiratesReimerthiBoixF 15/01
1297Queen Samaris XIIFalkLignanteS59
1297Jungle KingFalkMcCoyS27
1297Wambo the GamblerFalkMcCoyD65
1297The LimperFalkMcCoy/Infantino/LignanteS58
1297Tale of the Good MarkFalkBarryS85
1298Revenge of the MafiaRaabFelmangF 16/01
1299The SpyLindahlLindahlF 14/01
1300The Terrorists (The Shuttle)De PaulLeppänenF 17/01
1301The Slaves (Da Silva's Slaves)HedmanSpadariF 18/01
1302Bullets' TownFalkBarryD93
1302The Mysterious Passenger (The Tourist Invasion)FalkBarryD113
1302Ghost QuestDe PaulOlesen/WilliamsD202
1303The Ghost HouseReimerthiBoixF 20/01
1304The Treasure of the SwampJönssonFelmangF 21/01
1305Lethal CargoHedmanPerlinF 22/01
1306The Jungle RallyLindahlLindahlF 23/01
1307ShipwreckedWorkerCruzF 24/01
1308The Invisible PhantomRaabRyanF 25/01
1309The Tiger from RangoonLundströmWilhelmssonF 24/74
1310The Lion's Head TamarineReimerthiNolanS154
1310Queen Asta of TrondelayFalkMcCoyD28
1310Lost on the Phantom TrailPelerinLeppänenF 24/82
1311Convent IslandBishopSpadariF 26/01
1312ANNUAL SPECIAL (260 pages) + #11 replica issue
1312The ChainFalkMcCoyS34
1312The Slave Market of MucarFalkBarryD82
1312The Hanta WitchFalkBarryD91
1312The Sea GodFalkBarryD95
1312The FenceFalkBarryD112
1312The Lost City of PheenixFalkBarryD115
1312The HeirsFalkBarryD140
1312The Floating IslandDarellLindahlF 2/84
1312The Master MagicianWorkerLindahlF 25/83
1312The Seahorse Pt.2 (#11 Replica)FalkMooreD12
1313The Witch HuntReimerthiBoixF 1/02
1314The Search for El Dorado Pt.1FrognesFrognesF 2/02
1315The Search for El Dorado Pt.2FrognesFrognesF 3/02
1316The New PupilReimerthiBoixF 4/02
1317The Ghost PiratesDe PaulOlesen/WilliamsD203
1317Colonel Winn's SecretFalkMooreS2
1317The Trophy BearerFalkBarryS83
1317The Last AssignmentWorkerEralp/WilhelmssonF 2/77
1318The Bank Robbers Pt.1MobergFelmangF 5/02
1319The Bank Robbers Pt.2MobergFelmangF 6/02
1320The Wizard's HouseLongstreetGiordanoF 7/02
1321The HellhoundReimerthiCruzF 8/02
1322The Floating CemeteryLindahlLindahlF 9/02
1323The Clock MakerDe PaulBadeF 10/02
1323The War MongersReimerthiNolanS155
1323The Animal CollectorDe PaulOlesen/WilliamsD204
1324Hoogan's RevengeMobergMittonF 12/92
1325The Fire of LifeTierresLindahlF 19/85
1326Kingdom of the AmazonsGoodallFelmang/FerriF 10/91
1327The InquisitorLongstreetSpadariF 12/02
1328The Bandani PiratesFrognesFelmangF 14/02
1329The Long Bow of Little JohnBishopRyanF 15/02
1329The Immortal ManDe PaulOlesen/WilliamsD205
1329The Snake GoddessFalkBarryD161
1330The Ghost PirateAvenellBadeF 19/87
1331The Mute AvengerHedmanBadeF 17/02
1332In A Strange Land Pt.1ReimerthiSpadariF 19/02
1333In A Strange Land Pt.2ReimerthiSpadariF 20/02
1334The OutcastsLindahlLindahlF 21/02
1335The BriefcaseReimerthiNolanS156
1335The White PrincessFalkMcCoyD66
1335The Golden PeopleFalkBarryS78
1336The Highland MurdersBishopRyanF 22/02
1337Patrolman Weeks SuspendedReimerthiFelmangF 23/02
1338The Eye of MerlinMobergCruzF 25/02
1339Escape from Devil's IslandGranbergBadeF 7/77
1340Shadows on Devil RoadFredericksFredericksMandrake *
1340Drug BustersFalkBarryD157
1340The Embassy SiegeFalkBarryD155
1340The Phantom's EngagementFalkMcCoyD18
1341The RingGranbergVallvéF 11/77

* The Mandrake story printed in #1340 was the last story to appear in the Mandrake Sunday strips, and featured the first ever full-length Mandrake-Phantom crossover story.

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