The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Germany

by Hans Kiesl



Hethke Verlag (1976-present)

Sprechblase magazine was first published in May 1976, and is still being published today. It features articles and comics stories. Phantom Sunday pages were printed in 6 issues of Sprechblase between 1980 and 1982. Details of these issues are summarised in the following table.

Issue Date Newspaper Dates Artist Pages Source
29 Jul 1980 28/5/39 - 18/6/39 Moore 4 S1
30 Aug 1980 25/6/39 - 20/8/39 Moore 9 S1
32 Dec 1980 27/8/39 - 15/10/39 Moore 8 S1
33 Feb 1981 22/10/39 - 19/11/39 Moore 5 S2
35 Apr 1981 26/11/39 - 10/12/39 Moore 3 S2
37 Jun 1981 17/12/39 - 28/1/40 Moore 7 S2
Note: The second story (S2) was not published to the end (6 pages missing).

All of the Phantom pages from Sprechblase were compiled and reprinted in the special hardcover book shown above. This was the only hardcover Phantom book ever produced in Germany. Not only was the missing conclusion to The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn included, the book also reprinted the 6th Sunday story, Return of the Sky Band. It is interesting to note that Frew used the same combination of stories in issue #939A.
Story Title Pages Artist Source
Der Bund der Verlorenen 22 Moore S1
Die geheimnisvolle Formel 22 Moore S2
Die Luftpiraten 54 Moore S6

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