99.94 Editions - Masterworks Series

March 2001

Sy Barry Fred Fredericks Glenn Lumsden &
Dave De Vries
Paul McCall

In March 2001, 99.94 Editions released an inaugral set of four mini prints. Dietmar commissioned original artworks from four different sources. Sy Barry provided a magnificent oil painting of The Phantom in profile -- have you ever seen a happier Phantom? Fred Fredericks painted an amazing action sequence featuring both The Phantom and Mandrake. Glenn Lumsden and Dave De Vries from the Barossa Valley, South Australia, rendered an incredibly detailed and vibrant scene combining aspects of their 1994/95 Marvel miniseries and Frew's recent reprint of The Phantom Goes To War (#1274). And finally Paul McCall, a graphic artist from Indianapolis, USA, created a montage of scenes from the classic Lee Falk Sunday story The Chain. As each of these pieces are masterpieces and it is only natural that the title of the print series should reflect the contents.


The Masterworks Series is dedicated to Dietmar's "little sister" Rene Cashman, who unexpectedly died recently.

All enquiries should be made to:

99.94 Editions
P.O. Box 451
Hamilton NSW 2303
Ph 02 4961 1637
Fax 02 4962 4494
email: ninety994@ozemail.com.au

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