The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

Seriepocket (1972-86)

(Pocket Book Series)


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Semic published a monthly series of pocket books from 1972 to 1986. Several comic titles were featured in this series, including Beetle Bailey, Superman, Blondie etc. One issue each year featured The Phantom (except 1986), and a total of 14 Phantom titles were published. During this period, reprints of old newspaper strip stories no longer appeared in Fantomen magazine. The Pocket Books contained reprints of Moore and McCoy dailies and Sundays (mainly from 1945-61) that had already appeared in Fantomen, with the exception of one Barry Sunday and one comic magazine story by Eralp. The cover artwork was taken from older issues of the Fantomen magazine.

Format: 128 pgs, b/w, squarebound

(mm x mm)
Cover artist (source)
21972D28, D40, D42, D43125 x 175Gohs (F 8/1968)
81973S1, S2, S31, S46, S48, D37, D46125 x 175Gohs (F 4/1965)
171974S54, D51, D73125 x 175Gohs (F 3/1966)
271975S17, S19, S20, S26, S27, S32, S33 125 x 175Gohs (F 20/1966)
391976D12, S28, S29, S41125 x 175Gohs (F 1/1967)
571977D26, D50, S98125 x 175Gohs (F 18/1968)
731978D69, D72, D73, D78125 x 175Gohs (F 16/1965)
791979D68, D71, S6, S35, S55125 x 175Gohs (F 18/1966)
901980D53, D79, D81, S7125 x 175Gohs (F 18/1971)
991981D62, D63, D65, D80 125 x 175Gohs (F 8/1976)
1111982D25, D36, D56, D66 135 x 185Gohs (F 15/1974)
1241983D44, D67, D70, D75 135 x 185Gohs (F 11/1967)
1361984D31, D35, D55, S10135 x 185Gohs (F 2/1964)
1481985D24, D30, S50, S57, S58, F077135 x 185Gohs (F 3/1974)

Thanks to Jan-Ola Sjöberg for providing further information.


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