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Since 1988, the prime factor influencing Frew's decision to bring back an old newspaper strip story has been the length of time it has been out of print. This has been a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to read wonderful stories from the archives, and also for the oldtimers to see complete reconstructed printings using fresh copies of proof sheets. There have of course been several exceptions to this rule, notably during 2000 with the reprinting of many Ray Moore classics from 1939-43 which had already appeared in complete form. With this in mind I've prepared a list of newspaper strip stories shown in order of the length of time since they were last printed by Frew. This list should give a fair indication of how soon each story will be reprinted by Frew over the coming years. Assuming a typical reprint rate of 20 stories per year, Frew are due to have reconstructed ALL Phantom newspaper strip stories in complete unedited form by the end of 2004.

So far, Frew have done a highly commendable job of reconstructing these old newspaper strip stories. To date they have reprinted all Ray Moore stories (most twice), and all Wilson McCoy era stories. The only stories awaiting reprinting were illustrated by Sy Barry, and are scattered from throughout his career.

YearIssueStory TitleArtistCode
1983781The Golden BeachBarryS97
1986848AThe ProposalBarryD133
1987876Old BaldyBarryS62
1988912The MassacreBarryS87
1988912The Hawk MasterBarryS89
1988914The Giant of Kaluga PassBarryD119
1988918The Irrondi and the Great OnesBarryS130

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Last updated 23 October 2004