The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

Samlade Serierariteter - De Bästa Serierna (1986-87, 1991)

(Collected Comic Rarities - The Best of Comics)

Samlade Serierariteter Nr.1

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In 1986, SEMIC launched a book club called De Bästa Serierna (The Best of Comics), which featured a variety of comics like Beetle Bailey, Rick O'Shay, Mandrake, Hägar the Horrible and of course The Phantom. Six Phantom books were published before the series ended after a total of 19 books. The Phantom books featured unedited (except the translation) versions of Sy Barry's first daily stories, and some interviews and other material.

Format: 48 pages, b/w, 220 mm x 290 mm, hardcover

TitleYearStoriesCover artist
Fantomen 19611986D82Barry
Fantomen 19621986D83, D84Lindahl
Fantomen 1962-631986D85Lindahl
Fantomen 19631986D86Lindahl
Fantomen 1963-641987D87, D88Lindahl
Fantomen 19641987D89Majgren

The book club De Bästa Serierna was relaunched a few years later, this time with more pages in each book (about 144 pgs) and less books a year. One Phantom book was published in that series, The Sy Barry Book in 1991 to coincide with Barry's 30th anniversary as Phantom artist. It continued the publication of Sy Barry dailies from where the previous series ended, along with his first Sunday and a long interview.

Sy Barry - en jubileumskrönika 1961-1991

Format: 144 pages, color & b/w, 225 mm x 305 mm, hardcover

TitleYearStoriesCover artist
Sy Barry - en jubileumskrönika 1961-19911991S60, D90, D91, D92, D93, D94Barry/Gohs


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