The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Germany

by Hans Kiesl



Bastei Verlag (1976-1978)




This title featured many different characters. The Phantom was published in issues #7, #11 and #23.

Issue Story Title Artist Pages Source
7 Die Verdammten
The Damned
Barry 23+15 S65 + S68 (part)
  Wie alles begann...
How it all began...
Boyette 7 Charlton
11 Die Geier des Dschungels
The Vultures of the Jungles
Barry 14+24 S67 (part) + S60
  Der Rubin der Pygmäen
Return of the Ruby
Boyette 7 Charlton 45
23 Der Rächer mit der Maske
The Masked Avenger
Barry 47 D89

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