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Masterworks II - December 2002

Five different prints by Frew Phantom cover artist, Antonio Lemos. Click here for more information.

Masterworks I - March 2001

A set of four miniprints from the likes of Sy Barry, Fred Fredericks, Glenn Lumsden & Dave De Vries, and Paul McCall. Click here for a preview of the incredible artworks specially commissioned for the aptly titled Masterworks Series.

In 1997, 99.94 Editions began production of a series of limited edition art prints depicting the history of The Phantom. This company, based in Newcastle NSW Australia, is headed by Dietmar Lederwasch (shown below). Dietmar is a long-time Phantom phan and is putting his heart and soul into this enormous project. In the interests of informing Phantom Phans of what they can expect from these prints, I've reproduced some of their promotional material and provided preview images of the prints produced so far, and some still in preparation. Firstly, a few words to describe what this thing is all about:

"In the years to come a portrait of each and every generation of The Phantom will be released as a print by artists from around the world. Edition numbers will be reserved for those who wish to collect the entire series. Each print will be produced from the original on archival, museum quality paper which will last for many generations to come. The prints will be strictly limited to 400 Australasian copies, 400 export copies plus a 10% contributors proof run. The signature of the artist in graphite confirms the authenticity and limitedness of each print as well as confirming that the artist is satisfied with the fidelity of the print to the original. 99.94 Editions will always endeavour to produce the ultimate in limited edition collectables by using the best creative talents, the best materials and the best methods of production. All prints have so far been printed by Veritage Press at Lisarow with colour separation by Reprographics."

Each print measures about 900mm x 600mm and will cost Aus$145 (including postage), produced at the rate of one every four months. A regular newsletter is sent to all purchasers of the prints, in order to keep them informed of progress in the series (5 newletters so far). Contests are also regularly held with some fascinating prizes on offer: a genuine typed script from Lee Falk, items signed by Lee Falk, and original concept sketches by the artists of the prints.

All enquiries should be made to:

99.94 Editions
P.O. Box 451
Hamilton NSW 2303
Ph 02 4961 1637
Fax 02 4962 4494
email: ninety994@ozemail.com.au

What's the significance of the name 99.94 Editions? The name represents the best example, from Australian history, of the ultimate in human achievement ... Don Bradman's cricket batting average.

Now here's what you've been waiting for ... some previews:

  1. The 14th Phantom by Birgitte Hansen
  2. The 5th Phantom by Barry Dean
  3. The 6th Phantom by Sy Barry
  4. The 22nd Phantom by Paul Newton
  5. The 15th Phantom by Rosemary Valadon
  6. The 2nd Phantom by Fred Fredericks
  7. The 20th Phantom by Frantz Kantor
  8. Coming Soon ... the 8th Phantom by Richard Jones

(Apologies for the poor quality of these pictures. I hope they give you some idea of what you can expect. Refer also to the colour advertisement in Frew #1227)

Other artists who have either committed themselves or expressed interest in this project are Martin Sharp, Garry Shead, Reg Mombasa, Hans Lindahl, and Drew Struzan.

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