Art by Antonio

Ever wanted to be seen with The Phantom? Now's your chance to be immortalized in an artwork of your own design, drawn by one of the best in Australia.

For Phantom enthusiasts, Antonio Lemos is an artist who needs no introduction. In his ten years of association with the Ghost Who Walks, Antonio has drawn over 100 covers for the Frew Phantom Comic, and his work is followed and appreciated by Phantom readers all over Australia.

What is less known, is that Antonio is also an accomplished illustrator and caricaturist whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and books both in Australia and overseas. His work with comic heroes includes creating his own "man of the jungle" newspaper strip, Rocco, that ran for seven years in Antonio's native Uruguay and briefly in an Australian magazine in the 1980s.

Cathy Freeman
Olympic Gold Medalist
Terry Willessee
TV/Radio Personality
Elle MacPherson
Ernie Dingo
TV Personality

You now have the opportunity to commission your own custom-made original artwork by Antonio. You can choose colour or black & white, in any size you prefer. The price would vary according to the complexity of the work, but you can talk to Antonio and arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement on this area.

All you need to do is E-mail Antonio telling him exactly what you want done, and he will let you know the cost and timeframe for completion. The artwork will be signed by Antonio, and can be dedicated to you by name.

So if you always wanted to own an original portrait of your favourite person, a poster of your favourite comic character, or a caricature of a friend or relative, this is your chance.

Order now, and get your illustration in time for that special occasion in your life or in a friend's life.

Don't leave it until Christmas!