The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Australia

by Bryan Shedden

Australians are possibly the most avid Phantom fans in the world, although I am sure there are a few Swedes, Norwegians and Americans who would argue that point. We have good reason to claim this title on the basis of being home to Frew Publications ... publisher of the longest running series of dedicated Phantom comics in the world. Frew have been publishing Phantom comics like clockwork since 1948, with over 1400 issues. So when people think of Australian Phantom comics they automatically think of Frew. There have also been several other Australian Phantom publications, and you can read about all of them in the following pages:

  1. The Australian Woman's Mirror (1936-61)
  2. The Australian Woman's Mirror Phantom Comics (1938-40)
  3. Frew Publications (1948-present)
  4. Australian Newspapers (1957+)
  5. Everybody's Magazine (1961-71)
  6. Page Publications (1970s)
  7. The Phantom Adventure Books (1985-87)
  8. How To Vote Giveaways (1988-90)
  9. Reference Books (1991-2006)
  10. The Phantom Diaries (1993-present)
  11. The Wisdom of The Phantom (1997)


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Last updated 19th March 2007