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Answers to some of the ultimate Phantom brain-benders!

The following information is based exclusively on the Phantom daily & Sunday newspapers strips and Avon novels, created by Lee Falk from 1936 to 1999.

Diana's Suitors
At least 16 men (apart from The Phantom) have proposed to Diana or abducted her to force her into marriage. They were:
  1. Jimmy Wells (The Singh Brotherhood, D1, 1936)
  2. Melville Horton (The Singh Brotherhood, D1, 1936)
  3. Count (Prisoner of the Himalayas, D5, 1938)
  4. Jerry (Prisoner of the Himalayas, D5, 1938)
  5. Bob/Robert (Prisoner of the Himalayas, D5, 1938)
  6. Byron (The Golden Circle, D11, 1939-40)
  7. Lago (Lago the Lake God, D24, 1945)
  8. Prince Pepe (The 12 Tasks, S17, 1946-47)
  9. Matt Matton (Romance and the Vesta Pirates, D30, 1946-47)
  10. Moogoo (The Haunted Castle, S21, 1948-49)
  11. Drake (The Copter Pirates, S31, 1952)
  12. The Baron (The Scorpia, D69, 1957-58)
  13. Prince Bey (The 50th Wife, D79, 1960-61)
  14. Dr Kirk (The Epidemic, D83, 1962)
  15. Mr Raye (The Reef, D88, 1964)
  16. Prince Hali (Prince Hali and the White Stallion, D92, 1965-66)

The Major Treasure Room
One of the oldest components of the Skull Cave is the major treasure room, which houses priceless relics collected by all of the Phantom line. Many of the items have been the basis of stories, yet only a handful have been clearly identified. They are:

  1. The diamond drinking cup of Alexander the Great
  2. King Arthur's sword, Excalibur
  3. The mummified asp that Cleopatra used to commit suicide
  4. The golden laurel wreath (coronet) Mark Antony gave to Julius Caesar
  5. Roland's horn
  6. Charlemagne's crown
  7. The love potion of Tristan and Isolde
  8. Cleopatra's wedding ring
  9. The golden flower
  10. Roland's sword, Durandal
  11. The tiny ark (from Noah's ark)
  12. The original script of Shakespeare's Hamlet
  13. The great ring of Nebuchadnezzar
  14. The necklace of Nefertiti
  15. The lyre of blind poet Homer
  16. The wig worn by the 3rd Phantom when he played Juliet in the original presentation of Romeo and Juliet
  17. The pen used by Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet
  18. The crown of the great black emperor Joomkar
The first (partial) printed listing of treasures in the Major Treasure Room appeared in the 1994 adventure The Phantom Cowboy (D182). The listed treasures were shown as:
  1. Cleopatra's Asp (Glass vial)
  2. King Arthur's Sword (Excalibur)
  3. Roland's Horn
  4. Caeser's Golden Laurel Wreath
  5. Alexander's Diamond Cup
  6. Charlemagne's Crown

The Phantom's Face
Only nine people have seen the unmasked face of the 21st Phantom after he took over the role. They are:

  1. Diana Palmer (The Singh Brotherhood, D1, 1936)
  2. The Sand Hermit (The Slave Traders, D9, 1939)
  3. Suzie (The Governor and Suzie, D19, 1944)
  4. The Chief of the Toad Men (The Toad Men, D48, 1953)
  5. Rex King (The Phantom's Vacation, D147, 1981)
  6. Kit (The Phantom's Vacation, D147, 1981)
  7. Heloise (The Phantom's Vacation, D147, 1981)
  8. Nukko (The Forest Giants, S124, 1985-86)
  9. Gondon (Queen Amaza's Mate, S128, 1987)

The Monkey Mailmen
There have been eight named monkeys who have delivered mail to The Phantom. They are:

  1. Egbert (The Monkey Mail, D77, 1960)
  2. Fofo (The Monkey Mail, D77, 1960)
  3. Bibi (The Monkey Mail, D77, 1960)
  4. Bebe (The Iron Dragon, D80, 1961)
  5. Koko (The Epidemic, D83, 1962)
  6. Bobo (The Epidemic, D83, 1962)
  7. Mutzi (The Jungle Home, D105, 1969)
  8. Chee Chee (The Heirs, D140 & S108), 1978/79)

Female Gangs
The 21st Phantom has battled five all-female gangs over the years. They are:

  1. The Sky Band (D2, 1936-37)
  2. The Golden Circle (D11, 1939-40)
  3. The (revived) Sky Band (S6, 1941-42)
  4. The Mermaids of Melo Straits (D26, 1945-46)
  5. The Lady Luck Pirates (D32, 1948)

Tomb Dates
The first tomb dates related to previous Phantoms appeared in the 1962 story Treasure of the Skull Cave (S60). The readable dates were: 1550-1598, 1621-1662, 1647-17??, 1709-17??, 1753-1781, and 1880-????.

The second appearance of tomb dates was in the 1964 story The Adventures of Lucy Cary (D89). Readable tomb dates were 1720-180?, 1760-1800, 1802-1870, 1870-1920 and 1870-1915.

There are many other appearances of tomb dates in subsequent stories but these two examples are shown to illustrate their contradictory nature. This aspect has both fascinated and mystified Phantom historians for years. Now that Lee Falk is no longer alive, nobody will know whether the dates contained simple errors or oversights, whether an artist or letterer misread Lee's original script or whether Lee had deliberately commenced what was meant to be a riddle.

The Phantom has many names
The Phantom comic strip is a global success and since he is published in many languages, he is known with many different titles:

  1. Fantomen (Sweden)
  2. Fantomet (Norway & Denmark)
  3. Mustanaamio (Finland, translates to Black Mask)
  4. L'Uomo Mascherato (Italy, translates to The Masked Man)
  5. El Hombre Enmascarado (Spain, translates to The Masked Man)
  6. Fantasma (Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela)
  7. Le Fantôme (France, Canada)
  8. Fantoom (Netherlands)
  9. Fantom (Yugoslavia)
  10. Kizilmaske (Turkey, translates to Black Mask)
  11. Phantomas (Israel)
  12. Bethala (India, Kannada language, translates to Ghost)
  13. Betal (India, translates to Phantom or Ghost)
  14. Aranyadeb (India, Bengali language, translates to The God of the Jungle)
  15. Bera-Na-Liva (Fiji)

Kip and Kit
For years, keen researchers have puzzled over the use of the given names "Kip" and "Kit" for a young, future Phantom.

  1. KIP: used in the 1944-45 version of The Childhood of the Phantom (S11) and The Female Phantom (S32, 1952)
  2. KIT: first used in the 1959-60 version of The Childhood of the Phantom (S53) and next in The Reef (D88, 1964)
There has been no reversion to "Kip" since the first use of "Kit" and it has to be accepted that Lee Falk simply decided he preferred "Kit". Another school of thought is that in the earlier Sunday stories, it was a young Diana who called the future Phantom "Kip" and that she may have had a little girl lisping problem!

Despite the earlier use of "Kip", all modern histories of The Phantom record the names of the two children of the Phantom and Diana as Kit and Heloise.

Rex, for the benefit of Those Who Just Came In, is always referred to as the "adopted" son, despite the fact that no formal record of adoption exists and it is now known that Rex's family background is traced to the Kingdom of Baronkhan.

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Most of the above information was originally compiled by Barry Stubbersfield and Jim Shepherd, and has been extracted from the following editions of the Frew Phantom comic: #1187, #1254, #1270, #1280, #1286, #1312, #1317, #1323, #1329, #1335. Some extra details have been added by Guran. If you know of any other appearances of Did You Know? not listed, please email Guran.

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