The following information applies to Fantomen magazine, published fortnightly in Sweden by Egmont Scandinavia. Egmont also publish Fantomet in Norway and Mustanaamio in Finland, with very similar formats. The content list in Norway and Finland differs slightly, e.g. Viggo appears on the inside cover in Norway, and the Phantom Club pages are not in Mustanaamio. The issue number for Fantomet is now one less than that of Fantomen and Mustanaamio.

The Phantom stories created by Egmont's team of writers and artists are subsequently translated into English and reprinted by Frew Publications (Australia).

Fantomen (Sweden)
Nr.9 / 2007
by Jaime Vallvé /
collage Editor &
Mats Jönsson

Fantomet (Norway)
Nr.8 / 2007
by Jaime Vallvé /
collage Editor &
Mats Jönsson

Nr.9 / 2007
Release Date: 19 Apr 2007 (Sweden), 16 Apr 2007 (Norway), 11 Apr 2007 (Finland)
  • Pages: 72 (all in full colour)
  • Price: Kr 28:- (Swedish Kronor - approx. Au$4.95)
  • Cover: Jaime Vallvé (scanned from Nr.13/1984) / collage Editor & Mats Jönsson

  • The Phantom: My Swedish Enemy
    • Script: Janne Lundström
    • Art: Kari Leppänen
    • 35 pages
    • Phantom Facts (2 pages) - Background on Sweden's former territories in the Gold Coast of Africa, by Janne Lundström

  • The Phantom: The Blue Giant Pt.1
    • Script: Lee Falk
    • Art: Sy Barry
    • 4 pages
    • 98th Sunday newspaper story; 28 Dec 1975 - 11 Apr 1976
    • First Swedish appearance.

  • Spirou
    • Script & Art: Franquin
    • 20 pages
    • A Belgium comedy comic.

  • Herman The Heathen
    • Script & Art: Jonas Darnell
    • 1 page
    • A Swedish comedy strip (website)

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My thanks to Ulf Granberg and Simon Treschow for providing scans and content information.

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