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9 September 1948 - 9 September 1998

This page provides links to scans of ALL the FREW Phantom comics from #1 to #100. Just click on each issue number in the lists below to bring up a picture of the corresponding cover. Format details for all of these issues are provided towards the bottom.

All scans courtesy of David Budds from Melbourne, Australia, from his own personal collection.

David has requested that these scans not be reproduced on any other web-site. Should you encounter any of these images used on another web-site, they should be regarded as unsolicited replication. Please encourage any offending web-masters to remove the images.


IssueStory TitleOfficial TitlePartCode
1Enter The PhantomThe Slave TradersD9
2In the Tiger's LairQueen Asta of TrondelayD28
3Smashing the Crime RingMister HogD29
4The Phantom versus the Jewel PiratesRomance and the Vesta Pirates2D30
5The Phantom's Treasure StolenThe Phantom's TreasureD15


IssueStory TitleOfficial TitlePartCode
6The Phantom's RevengeThe Singh Brotherhood2D1
7The Phantom versus the Gun-RunnersThe Game of Alvar2D13
8Death to the Sky BandThe Sky Band2D2
9The Pearl PiratesFishers of PearlsD8
10The Phantom versus the Spy RingThe Seahorse1D12
11On Bleak IslandThe Seahorse2D12
12The Shark's NestThe Shark's NestD7
13The Phantom's DilemmaThe Golden Circle1D11
14The Golden CircleThe Golden Circle2D11
15The Poison-Gas ChamberThe Golden Circle3D11
16Adventure in AlgiersAdventure in AlgiersD6
17Kidnapped in EgyptThe Mysterious Girl1D10


IssueStory TitleOfficial TitlePartCode
18Trapped Under the SeaThe Mysterious Girl2D10
19The Golden PrincessThe Golden PrincessS12
20The Phantom versus the
Castle in the Clouds
The Ismani Cannibals
21The Kidnapped BridePrisoner of the Himalayas1D5
22Sentenced to DeathPrisoner of the Himalayas2D5
23Jungle VictoryDiana Aviatrix Lost1D14
24The Phantom's TriumphDiana Aviatrix Lost2D14
25The Kidnapped RajahThe Maharajah's Daughter1D22
26The Royal PrisonerThe Maharajah's Daughter2D22
27The Phantom Goes to WarThe Phantom Goes to War1D16
28The Red InvadersThe Phantom Goes to War3D16
29Death to the InvadersThe Phantom Goes to War2D16


IssueStory TitleOfficial TitlePartCode
30The Hero of OolanThe Phantom Goes to War4D16
31Hamid the TerribleHamid the Terrible1S10
32The Sultan's PrisonerHamid the Terrible2S10
33Bent Beak and the Phantom's MarkBent Beak BroderD17
34The Phantom's EngagementThe Phantom's EngagementD18
35The Young PhantomThe Childhood of the PhantomS11
36King of the BeastsKing of BeastsS15
37The Kidnapped PrincessThe Scarlet SorceressS16
38The Reluctant BridegroomQueen Pera the PerfectS14
39The Dragon GodThe Dragon GodS18
40The Strange FishermanThe Strange FishermanS13


IssueStory TitleOfficial TitlePartCode
41Underwater DoomLago the Lake GodD24
42The Lion WomanThe Wild GirlD25
43The League of Lost MenS1
44The BeachcomberS4
45The Precious Cargo of Colonel WinnS2
46Whirlpool ChannelD41
47Princess Valerie1D27
48The Phantom versus the Hairy TwinsPrincess Valerie2D27
49The Haunted CastleS21
50Tiger GirlD42
51The Fire GoddessS3
52The White MonkeyD39
53The Lady Luck1D32


IssueOfficial TitlePartCode
54The Lady Luck2D32
55The Masked Marvel1D33
56The Masked Marvel2D33
57The Flirtatious Princess1D35
58The Flirtatious Princess2D35
59The Governor's FamilyD43
60The Jungle PatrolD45
61The Gray Gang1D40
62The Gray Gang2D40
63The Great AjaxD47
64Bobo the Toy DogD46
65The Mermaids of Melo StraitsD26
65ARomance and the Vesta Pirates
The Phantom Trophy


IssueOfficial TitlePartCode
66The Marshall Sisters
The Professor
67The Professor2D44
68The Toad Men1D48
69The Toad Men2D48
70The ImpostorS7
71The Devil Road1D31
72The Devil Road2D31
73The Devil Road3D31
74The Return of the Sky Band1S6
75The Return of the Sky Band2S6
76Fathers and SonsD34
76AMister Hog
The Mysterious Passenger


IssueOfficial TitlePartCode
76BThe Phantom's Treasure
The Marshall Sisters

77The CroonerD21
78The Spy GangD20
79The Governor and Suzie1D19
80The Governor and Suzie2D19
81The Governor and Suzie3D19
82The Lady from NowhereD49
83Ragon's Game1D52
84Ragon's Game2D52
85The Wrestling TourneyD54
86The Thuggees1D36
87The Thuggees2D36
88The MatchmakerD50


IssueStory TitlePartCode
89The Super Apes1D51
90The Super Apes2D51
91Aboard the SS GayD55
92The MobD53
93The Ape Idol of the DuruguD37
94The Slimming of Prince TagonD56
95Captain Kidder's TreasureD57
96Dr Axel and the WitchmenD58
97The Singh Brotherhood2D1
98The Slave TradersD9
99Queen Sansamor and the Sixth ManD59
100The Seahorse1D12

Format Details for FREW Phantom comics up to #100

IssuesStapled EdgeCover FormatComic FormatPagesPrice
#1 - #2shortlandscapelandscape326d
#3 - #6longportraitportrait326d
#7 - #32shortportraitlandscape246d
#33 - #42shortportraitlandscape248d
#43 - #44longportraitportrait248d
#45 - #64longportraitportrait249d
#66 - #69longportraitportrait249d
#71 - #76longportraitportrait249d
#76A & #76Blongportraitportrait481'-
#77 - #87longportraitportrait249d
#89 - #96longportraitportrait249d
#97 - #100longportraitportrait321'-

Other peculiarities:

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