The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

Team Fantomen Stories

Team Fantomen is the name given to the dedicated group of writers and artists who create new Phantom comic book stories and covers for the Swedish Phantom comic Fantomen. Since creating their first Phantom comic book story in 1963, they have gone on to produce over 700 stories - more than double the total number of stories created by Lee Falk for the daily and Sunday newspaper strips.

All of the Swedish Phantom stories are listed here in order of when they were first published. They are assigned a code of the form "FXXX", where F stands for Fantomen and XXX is the consecutive story number. The original Swedish story titles and English translations are included. The issue in which each story first appeared in Sweden and Australia is indicated in the last two columns.

33 stories are based on American newspaper strip stories written by Falk (with the exception of three stories based on American comic magazine stories). These are indicated by the letter 'A' after the number, eg. F011A.

4 stories were originally published under the title "Djungeläventyr" (Jungle Adventures), that was a series of stories "from the Phantom's world". These are indicated with the letter 'D' after the number, eg. F459D.

3 stories were originally first published outside the Fantomen magazine in separate albums. For simplicity, these stories have been added to the list as the first stories from the year that they were published, although the actual release date of the albums was later in the year.

The long-running series called Fantomenlegender (Phantom Legends) which appeared in Fantomen between 1994 and 1996 are identified with the code letters FL on this page.

The first ten issues of Fantomen Krönika contained specially made short Phantom episodes, telling the story about the 21st Phantom going through the old chronicles and transferring them to computer discs! These short stories are identified with the code letters FK on this page.

Only the surnames of the artists and writers are given in these lists. A detailed list of the full names and pen-names of the various artists and writers can be found on the Team Fantomen Creators page.

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