The Phantom:
A Publishing History in India

by Bryan Shedden with thanks to Denzil Jones, Vineeth Abraham, Krishna Curam, Raja Shekar, Aman King, and Noah Nelson.

Indrajal Comics - Phantom Index (Part 1)

Bennet, Coleman & Co. (1964-1990)

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#VolNoDateStory TitleCode
111Mar 1964The Phantom's BeltS037
212Apr 1964Prince OrqS048
313May 1964The Challenge of CannibalsS029
414Jun 1964The ImposterS044
4   A Glass of MilkS040
515Jul 1964The Phantom's Isle of EdenS057
616Aug 1964The Lunar CultS041
717Sep 1964The Man Eating PlantS051
818Oct 1964The PlaymateS036
8   The Phantom's Good Mark - Part 1S052
919Nov 1964Thugs in Denkali (Part 2 of the above story)S052
10110Dec 1964The Phantom's RingS028
1121Jan 1965The Phantom's TreasureS060
1222Feb 1965The Phantom is ChainedS034
12   The LimperS058
1323Mar 1965SamarisS059
1424Apr 1965The Mystery of the RattleS046
1525May 1965The Unknown CommanderS038
1626Jun 1965The Diamond CupS039
1727Jul 1965The Mysterious PassengerS026
17   Where is Hero?S027
1828Aug 1965The Golden PrincessS012
1929Sep 1965Moogoo's DollsS021
20210Oct 1965The Mysterious Bank RobberyS049
21211Nov 1965King Pepe's BrideS017
22212Dec 1965A String of Black PearlsS015
2331Jan 1966The Scarlet SorceressS016
2432Feb 1966The Human BeastS062
2533Mar 1966Around the MoonS061
2634Apr 1966The Jungle PatrolS064
2735May 1966The Mystery of GandorS063
2836Jun 1966The Trembling JungleGK12
2937Jul 1966The Secret of Nacabre's CastleGK13
3038Aug 1966The GirlsS013
3139Sep 1966The Deadly SwampGK05
31   The Phantom's BoyhoodGK05
32310Oct 1966Oogooru the Diety of MurderGK04
32   The Goggle-Eye PiratesGK04
34312Dec 1966The Super ApesGK07
364215 Jan 1967The Phantom is BlindedGK11
39451 Mar 1967Wamba Falls InnS066
39   The Masked EmissaryK19
41471 May 1967The Mystery of the Veiled LadyS067
43491 Jun 1967The Mystery of the Diamond QueenGK06
454111 Jul 1967The Deadly WebS065
45   The TestGK02
4641215 Jul 1967The Magic Ivory CageM3
474131 Aug 1967The Adventures of the Girl PhantomK20
47   The Invisible DemonK20
4841415 Aug 1967The Magic Mountain - Part 1 & 2K22
494151 Sep 1967The Secrets of the PhantomGK09
49   The Phantom's Boyhood : DianaGK06
49   The Phantom's Boyhood : SchoolGK07
49   SOS PhantomM1-2
49   The Girl PhantomM4
49   Rex KingS068
5041615 Sep 1967In the Phantom's Domain :Voodoo Won't DoD058
514171 Oct 1967The River PiratesGK15
5241815 Oct 1967The White GoddessD066
534191 Nov 1967The Cry BabyGK03
5442015 Nov 1967The Great RiddleK24
554211 Dec 1967The Villains Challenge : Phantom & the ChampionD064
5642215 Dec 1967Delilah (Part 1 & 2)K23
57511 Jan 1968The Terror TigerK21
57   The Treasure of Denkali BayK21
585215 Jan 1968The Sixth ManGK09
58   The Phantom's Jungle PatrolGK10
59531 Feb 1968The Sleeping GiantGK10
605415 Feb 1968The Cold Fire Worshippers (Part 1 & 2)K25
61551 Mar 1968The Story of Hero (Part 1 & 2)K27
625615 Mar 1968The Lost CityK26
62   The Pearl RaidersK26
63571 Apr 1968The Big FightK28
645815 Apr 1968Diana's Deadly TourK28
65591 May 1968The Jade Palace (Golden Sands of Keela-Wee)S069
65   The Casino GangstersD065
675111 Jun 1968The Sea GodD095
695131 Jul 1968The HuntersD092
715151 Aug 1968The Mysterious RuinsD089
735171 Nov 1968The Hairy MonstersD027
7451815 Nov 1968The Curse of LagoD024
755191 Dec 1968Wambesi ki Pukar (Call of the Wambesi)M1-2
7652015 Dec 1968The Phantom's Jungle PatrolD076
786215 Jan 1969The KidnappersD038
806415 Feb 1969Masked MarvelD033
826615 Mar 1969The Missing Bridegroom (Terror in Trondelay)D028
83671 Apr 1969Phantom Who Can't DieC30
846815 Apr 1969The Money-Mad ManiacD088
8661015 May 1969The Blue GangD023
876111 Jun 1969The Legend of DuruguD037
896131 Jul 1969The Gray GangD040
916151 Aug 1969The DilemmaD041
936171 Sep 1969Mysteries of the PharaohC32
9461815 Sep 1969The Enchanted LandC31
956191 Oct 1969Night in DenkaliD043
9662015 Oct 1969Mysterious GuideD044
976211 Nov 1969The Tiger GirlD042
9862215 Nov 1969The Bad OnesD090
10062415 Dec 1969The Curse of CallaiC33
100   The Phantom's DeathC33
101711 Jan 1970The SatchelD096
103731 Feb 1970Villains ParadiseD093
1047415 Feb 1970Ghost TribeC35
105751 Mar 1970The Drummer of TimpenniD087
1067615 Mar 1970The Mysterious ToyD046
106   The Phantom's Jungle PatrolD045
107771 Apr 1970The Giant ApeC34
107   The Cliff KingdomC34
109791 May 1970The River of DeathC36
109   Very Special TimberC36
11071015 May 1970Trial by FireD083
11271215 Jun 1970Royal WeddingD073
1137131 Jul 1970The Grand PrizeD078
11471415 Jul 1970The Fiftieth WifeD079
1157151 Aug 1970The Phantom's New FaithC38
115   The Dying GroundC38
115   The TrapC38
11671615 Aug 1970Gangsters DiveD084
1177171 Sep 1970The Iron MonsterD080
11871815 Sep 1970The Masked BallD104
118   A Small WarC39
1197191 Oct 1970The Spy PlotD101
119   The ProposalD079
12072015 Oct 1970The KillersD094
12272215 Nov 1970Walker's TableS075
125811 Jan 1971The False MarkC40
125   The RitualC40
125   The Second PhantomC40
1268215 Jan 1971The Jungle HomeD105
129851 Mar 1971The Sacred IdolC41
129   Slave of BeautyC41
129   Deadly FoeC41
1308615 Mar 1971The Night of the TheftD100
131871 Apr 1971The Deadly Trap (A Pride of Lions)S070
131   The Jungle HospitalD058
133891 May 1971The Death House of HydraD102
13481015 May 1971The Crime SchoolD097
1358111 Jun 1971The Mystery of the Golden SandS069
13681215 Jun 1971The Cruel ConspiracyD106
1378131 Jul 1971The Rain StopperC43
137   Test of an IdolC43
137   Paid in FullC43
1398151 Aug 1971The Hunter's PreyC42
139   Diana's DilemmaS043
139   Who Needs Enemies?C42
14081615 Aug 1971The Captive HerdC42
140   The Call of the Golden CitiesS075
1418171 Sep 1971Gangster's GraveyardD098
1438191 Oct 1971The Missing DaddyD108
1458211 Nov 1971The Secret MissionD109
1478231 Dec 1971The Secret of the Misty MountainsS077
14882415 Dec 1971Conspirators of TulanaD110
149911 Jan 1972The Evil Spell: To Right a WrongC44
149   Death From Far AwayC44
149   Danger in BengaliC44
151931 Feb 1972The GladiatorD107
1529415 Feb 1972Jumba the Giant ElephantD099
1549615 Mar 1972The HijackersS076
1569815 Apr 1972The Golden RansomC30
156   Leopard MenC46
157991 May 1972The Black Gold PiratesS074
1599111 Jun 1972The Secret Cave of KingsC45
159   Return of the RubyC45
159   The Phantom and John Paul JonesC45
16091215 Jun 1972The Skull CaveC47
160   The Vanishing ThievesC46
160   Nest of the Man EatersC46
16291415 Jul 1972The Diamond Mountain: Soundless VoicesC47
162   The Vapors of VulcanC47
1659171 Sep 1972The Fabulous TrophyS083
16691815 Sep 1972The Amazing IslandS079
166   The Silent ThievesC39
16892015 Oct 1972Where is Diana?C49
168   A Better WayC49
168   The IntrudersC49
17092215 Nov 1972Deadly TrioD113
1719231 Dec 1972The VulturesD114
1731011 Jan 1973Return of the Golden CometD115
17410215 Jan 1973Romantic WitchS082
174   The Treasure RoomC51
1751031 Feb 1973Flying Snakes : The Fire GodsC50
175   No GratitudeC50
175   Phantom in the Lost RegionC50
17810615 Mar 1973Death Speaks (Man of Destiny)C48
178   A Broken VowC51
1791071 Apr 1973The Third PhantomS084
1811091 May 1973The Phantom in FlamesS085
182101015 May 1973The Golden PeopleS078
18310111 Jun 1973Sky High PiracyS071
184101215 Jun 1973The Brain SellerD112
186101415 Jul 1973Gold or DeathD117
188101615 Aug 1973Head Hunters of TirangiD118
19110191 Oct 1973The Kaluga GiantD119
194102215 Nov 1973Night on the MesaS086
196102415 Dec 1973The Village of GhostsS087
19811215 Jan 1974The Outlaws's HerdC53
198   The LootersC53
198   Phantom Meets the Do-goodersC53
198   The Chief Who Went AstrayC56
2011151 Mar 1974The Swamp of DeathC58
201   Jungle MadnessC56
201   The Nazi PhantomC56
20411815 Apr 1974The Mystery of ZokkoD120
2051191 May 1974The Little PeopleS073
20711111 Jun 1974Diana's RansomC58
208111215 Jun 1974The Cruel ContessaC57
208   Taking His MedicineC57
210111415 Jul 1974The Shark IslandC59
210   The DespoilersC59
210   The Devil's CauldronC59
21111151 Aug 1974The VampiresD121
214111815 Sep 1974The Magic Drum (A Far Off Dream)C55
214   The Black BlightC55
214   A Thief in the NightC55
21711211 Nov 1974Master of EvilC54
220112415 Dec 1974The Vandal LootersD122
22212215 Jan 1975The Forbidden JungleC60
2251251 Mar 1975The Little PrincessS091
225   Killers in the MistC54
2271271 Apr 1975The Devil's TrapC62
2291291 May 1975The Phantom's PromiseD123
23112111 Jun 1975Stranger in the DesertS089
231   The Treacherous GangS088
23312131 Jul 1975The Golden WoodsS092
234121415 Jul 1975The Two-Headed BullD124
23712171 Sep 1975An Oath of Vengeance (The Phantom & the River Pirates)C63
238121815 Sep 1975The Jewel DealS090
23912191 Oct 1975The Captive KingC51
240122015 Oct 1975Duel with DeathC64
240   Treasure of Shark Reef?
24312231 Dec 1975The Clutches of DestinyC65
244122415 Dec 1975Skull Cave AttackedK18
2451311 Jan 1976The Phantom and the BeastS094
24813415 Feb 1976A Strange WorldD125
25013615 Mar 1976Goldbeard's Strike ForceC66
25213815 Apr 1976Monster of the CaveD126
254131015 May 1976The Phantom' s Noble LineageC67
25513111 Jun 1976The Shining CityC69
256131215 Jun 1976The Goggle-Eye PiratesS056
258131415 Jul 1976Hoogaan the WitchmanD116
260131615 Aug 1976The Killer GangD074
262131815 Sep 1976Merchants of Death Part 1D127
26313191 Oct 1976Merchants of Death Part 2D127
264132015 Oct 1976A Deadman's PromiseC61
266132215 Nov 1976The Strange HuntC70
2691411 Jan 1977Terror in DenkaliD126
2711431 Feb 1977The Wonder JewelD129
2731451 Mar 1977The Professional KillerC73
2751471 Apr 1977The Masked AssassinS095
2771491 May 1977The First PhantomS096
27914111 Jun 1977The River of Fire Part 1D130
280141215 Jun 1977The River of Fire Part 2D130
28314151 Aug 1977The Crime Wave in MawitaanD131
28514171 Sep 1977The Slave TradersC74
28714191 Oct 1977The Dare-DevilsS097
28914211 Nov 1977The Monster from MarsS098
29114231 Dec 1977Tremors of FearD132
2931511 Jan 1978The Taste of PoisonS099
2951531 Feb 1978The Crucial MomentD133
295   The Mysterious Passenger in Cabin No.14S026
2971551 Mar 1978The Spy-WebS038
2991571 Apr 1978The Enchanting IslandS055
3011591 May 1978The Monster of the Green Valley Part 1S050
302151015 May 1978The Monster of the Green Valley Part 2S050
30315111 Jun 1978The Sacred PledgeS045
30515131 Jul 1978The Space DemonsS042
30715151 Aug 1978The Forsaken CaveS033
30915171 Sep 1978The Law of the JungleS035
31115191 Oct 1978The Ghost Who WalksS031
31315211 Nov 1978The Phantom the ProtectorS100
31515231 Dec 1978The Tyrant of TarakimoD135
3171611 Jan 1979The Phantom WedsD136
3191631 Feb 1979Demons from the Dark Part 1D134
32016415 Feb 1979Demons from the Dark Part 2D134
3211651 Mar 1979The Benevolent GhostD066
3231671 Apr 1979The Crucial CombatD064
3251691 May 1979The Swamp DragonS101
32716111 Jun 1979The Tale of Devil Part 1S030
328161215 Jun 1979The Tale of Devil Part 2S030
32916131 Jul 1979The Phantom the SuperhumanS102
33116151 Aug 1979The Delta PiratesS103
33316171 Sep 1979The Valley of No ReturnD067
33516191 Oct 1979The Blood Thirsty Bandits Part 1S105
336162015 Oct 1979The Blood Thirsty Bandits Part 2S105
33716211 Nov 1979The Corba DiamondsD068
33916231 Dec 1979The Return of the BeastS106
3411711 Jan 1980The Secret of Vacul Castle Part 1F 18/76
34217215 Jan 1980The Secret of Vacul Castle Part 2F 18/76
3451751 Mar 1980The Scorpia Gang Part 1 D069
34617615 Mar 1980The Scorpia Gang Part 2D069
3491791 May 1980The Revenge of the Ghost Part 1D138
350171015 May 1980The Revenge of the Ghost Part 2D138
35117111 Jun 1980The Revenge of the Ghost Part 3D138
35317131 Jul 1980The Mystery of the Sunken TreasureD072
35517151 Aug 1980The Infuriated GhostD139
35717171 Sep 1980The Star of DangallaS107
35917191 Oct 1980The 22nd Phantom Part 1S108
360172015 Oct 1980The 22nd Phantom Part 2S108
36117211 Nov 1980The Phantom's WrathS054
36317231 Dec 1980The Jungle GoldD141
3651811 Jan 1981The Slave Market of Mucar Part 1D082
36618215 Jan 1981The Slave Market of Mucar Part 2D082
3671831 Feb 1981The Diamond RobbersD077
3691851 Mar 1981The DesperadosS109
3711871 Apr 1981The Royal PrisonerD056
3731891 May 1981The Legendary FoeD055
378181415 Jul 1981The Roughneck MobD053
38118171 Sep 1981The Demons of KoqaniaS110
38518211 Nov 1981Embers of Fury Part 1 D142
38618228 Nov 1981Embers of Fury Part 2D142
39018266 Dec 1981The Smuggler's Ring Part 1D031
391182813 Dec 1981The Smuggler's Ring Part 2D031
3941913 Jan 1982The Call of the JungleD143
40019714 Feb 1982Abode of the Ghosts Part 1 D143
40119821 Feb 1982Abode of the Ghosts Part 2D143
40519124 Apr 1982The Legend of Valour Part 1S111
406191311 Apr 1982The Legend of Valour Part 2S111
40919162 May 1982The Dreaded Deep WoodsD144
412191923 May 1982The Missing Prince Part 1D145
413192030 May 1982The Missing Prince Part 2D145
41419216 Jun 1982The Missing Prince Part 3D145
41819254 Jul 1982The JailbreakD146
42719345 Sep 1982The Dauntless ProtectorS112
43619437 Nov 1982The Reign of Justice Part 1D148
437194414 Nov 1982The Reign of Justice Part 2D148
438194521 Nov 1982The Reign of Justice Part 3D148
442194919 Dec 1982The Haunt of the GhostD147

Continued in Part 2

Key to "Code" field:

D = daily strip
S = Sunday strip
GK = Gold Key
K = King - Phantom
M = King - Mandrake
C = Charlton
F = Fantomen


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