The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

Fantomen Julalbum (1944-present)

(The Phantom Christmas Album)

1944 Julalbum
1994 Julalbum

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The publishing of the Swedish "Christmas albums" began in 1944, and continues to this day. This makes it the longest running Phantom publication in the world today, beating Frew's Phantom comic by 4 years and the Swedish Fantomen magazine by 6 years.

Over the years, the look and content of the albums varied considerably, although it mostly contained American newspaper stories. During some periods, the publication year was not printed on the cover, and sometimes the following year was shown on the cover. The reason was that since the books are released around Christmas time, they would appear old after only a few months if they showed the actual publication year. For over a decade now, the albums have returned to having the actual publishing year on the cover.

Christmas albums are traditionally sold by kids who go door to door and take up orders from people. In return they get a percentage of the profits and other things too, like bikes, CD-players etc. For many kids, selling Christmas albums is one of the first ways to earn their own money. The tradition of buying the Phantom Christmas Album every year seems to be strong enough to keep it going even today.

From the 1994 album and onwards, the album contains a replica of the album from 50 years before. The cover logo is also in gold foil since then.

When Bonniers sold their comic magazine business to Egmont in 1997, the deal did not include the album division. This means that the Christmas Albums (not only the Phantom, but all other comics too) are now published by Semic (which still exists, but only as a book company today) in cooperation with Egmont Kärnan (the editors of the Fantomen magazine that put together the contents of the Christmas albums).

Year on
(mm x mm)
Cover artist
1944NoneD1132240 x 300Ek
1945NoneS4, S532240 x 300Ek
1946NoneS732240 x 300Ek
1947NoneS8, S9 32240 x 300Ek
1948NoneS10 32240 x 300Ek
1949NoneD1232240 x 300Ek
1950NoneS632240 x 300Ek
19511951S1, S232240 x 300Camitz
19521952S14, S1632240 x 300Camitz
19531953S17, S1832220 x 290Camitz
19541954S2132220 x 290Camitz
19551955S12, S1332220 x 290Camitz
19561956S1932220 x 290Göransson
19571957S2432220 x 290Guhl
1958NoneS2832220 x 290Guhl
1959NoneS20, S2332220 x 290Gohs
1960NoneS15, S2732220 x 290Gohs
1961NoneS11, S1832220 x 290Gohs
1962NoneS31, S3232220 x 290Gohs
1963NoneS33, S3432220 x 290Gohs
1964NoneS38, S3932220 x 290Gohs
19651966S5132220 x 290Gohs
19661967S35, S4332220 x 290Gohs
19671968D4432190 x 260Gohs
19681969King #22, S6632190 x 260Gohs
19691970King #23, King #28, King #21 (both stories)32190 x 260Gohs
19701971Spada #?, Spada AA #97/6932190 x 260Gohs
19711972S77, S7832190 x 260Gohs
19721973S81, S8232190 x 260Gohs
19731974S6232190 x 260Gohs
19741975S3, S73, S8848220 x 290Gohs
19751976D8948220 x 290Gohs
19761977S44, S6848220 x 290Gohs
19771978D126, D12848220 x 290Gohs
19781979S71, S72, S7648220 x 290Gohs
19791980D101, D104, S10648210 x 280Gohs
19801981S64, S8648210 x 280Gohs
19811982S63, S11248210 x 280Gohs
19821983S75, S96, S11548210 x 280Gohs
19831984S94, S11748210 x 280Gohs
19841985S60, S6548210 x 280Gohs
19851986S24, S25, S26, S2764210 x 280Majgren
19861987S28, S2964220 x 295Majgren
1987NoneS31, S32, S3348220 x 295Majgren
1988NoneS128, S13048210 x 275Gohs
1989NoneS131, S13248210 x 275Majgren
1990NoneS98, S129, S13348220 x 295Gohs
1991NoneF149, S13548210 x 275Gohs
19921992S61, D17448210 x 275Gohs
19931993S69, S70, S7148210 x 275Gohs
19941994D11, D179, S13996210 x 275Gohs
19951995D180, D181, S4, S5, S14196210 x 275Gohs
19961996D183, S7, S14396210 x 275Gohs
19971997D182, S8, S9, S14596210 x 275Gohs
19981998D185, D186, D189, S1096210 x 275Gohs
19991999F155, F296, D1296210 x 275Gohs
20002000F383, S6, S14696210 x 275Gohs
20012001F160, F302, S1, S296210 x 275Lindahl
20022002F176, F318, S14, S1696210 x 275Lindahl
20032003F274, F312, S17, S1896210 x 275Lindahl
20042004F182, S157, S2196210 x 275Lindahl

Notes: The 1978 album (marked 1979 on the cover) was reprinted and re-released in 1984 with no year on the cover (as a separate album, not a "Christmas album").

Thanks to Jan-Ola Sjöberg for providing further information.


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