This page provides a selection of links that would be of interest to Phantom Phans.

For a more detailed list, please visit the Scandinavian Chapter.

Essential Information
Website Webmaster Description
The Phantom - FAQ Todd Goldberg Essential answers to frequently asked questions
Wikipedia Various The Phantom entry in a global encyclopedia
Wikiverse Kate Weaver The Phantom entry in a global encyclopedia
Read the Comic Strips On-Line
Website Webmaster Description
Daily Ink KFS Subscription service for hi-res Phantom & Mandrake dailies & Sundays
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Newspaper Phantom dailies & Sundays - current, month archive
Houston Chronicle Newspaper Phantom dailies in Spanish - two week delay
The 21st Phantom's Deep Woods Aman King Portal to large archive of recent Phantom & Mandrake strips
Fantomet Index Karl-Johan Lien Archive of recent Phantom dailies & Sundays
Official Sites
Website Description
King Features Syndicate Owner of rights to The Phantom and Mandrake
Hearst Corporation Corporate site for the owner of King Features Syndicate
Frew Publications The publisher of the Australian Phantom comic does NOT have a website or public email address, although they DO own the domain
Egmont Corporate site of Phantom comic publisher in Scandinavia
Fantomen The Swedish Phantom comic
Fantomet The Norwegian Phantom comic
Bulls Press Licensing agent for The Phantom in Scandinavia
Moonstone Books Publisher of American Phantom comics
Opera Graphica Editora Publisher of Brazilian Phantom comics
Phantom Creator Sites
Website Description
Jim Aparo American artist for Charlton (1969-1974)
Frank Bolle American artist for Charlton (1974-1976)
Nick Derington American artist for Moonstone (2004)
EricJ American artist for Moonstone (2006)
Doug Klauba American cover artist for Moonstone (2003+)
Lennart Moberg Swedish writer & story artist for Egmont (1992+)
Joel Naprstek American cover artist for Moonstone (2002-2004)
Don Newton Tribute to Don Newton, Phantom artist for Carlton (1975-1977)
Ben Raab American writer for Moonstone & Egmont (1999-2006)
Paul Ryan American artist for Egmont & daily newspaper strips (2001+)
Phansites: Australia
Website Webmaster Description
The Chronicle Chamber Joe Douglas A group effort by enthusiastic Phans
The Phantom Phorum Daniel Carter The Deep Woods is no longer affiliated with this web forum
Bengali Explorers Club Berin Denham A social group of Phantom Phans who regularly meet for dinners
The Phantom's World Andrew Gibki Background, Characters, Fun Stuff, Multimedia
GermWorks Jermayn Parker Phantom Comics, Old Jungle Sayings, Phantom Country
Comic Art Fans Jon Cookson Gallery of original Phantom art
Phansites: USA
Website Webmaster Description
The Phantom FAQ Todd Goldberg Essential answers to frequently asked questions
Friends of The Phantom Ed Rhoades American Phantom Fan Club - Lee Falk Tribute, Interviews
Dr Hermes Reviews Dr Hermes Reviews of the Avon Phantom novels
Phantomania Chris Smith Gallery of a Phantom museum in California (not maintained)
Phansites: India
Website Webmaster Description
The 21st Phantom's Deep Woods Aman King Daily strip, News, Indian Comics, Phantom Chronicles, Phantom Country
The Comic Project Anonymous Indrajal comics and more
Phansites: Sweden
Website Webmaster Description
Scandinavian Chapter Brian Jensen Scandinavian Chapter of Bengali Explorers Club
Fantomen-arkivet Gustaf Lööv Detailed information on Fantomen creators Magnus Eriksson Interviews with Fantomen creators
Fantomens Värld Bosse Engberg The Phantom World in Sweden
The Skull Cave Andreas Eriksson Fantomen Index, Lists of comic books by Phantom artists Lars Alatalo Fantomen comics archive (not maintained)
Phansites: Norway
Website Webmaster Description Karl-Johan Lien
Aleksander Wilhelmsen
Fantomet Index, daily & Sunday strips archive, Phantom Facts, Creators, News
Fantomet Kristian Kamben Dedicated to Norwegian Phantom comics Thomas Nilsen Fantomet Index (not maintained)
Phansites: Finland
Website Webmaster Description
Mustanaamio - julkaisut Suomessa Juha Tynninen Detailed lists and scans of Phantom comics from Finland
Mustanaamio - Phantom Kari Elkelä Information on Phantom comics from Finland
Phansites: Brazil
Website Webmaster Description
Fantasma News Jean Carlos Covezzi A web-blog in Portugese language with lots of Phantom articles and news
Fantasma & Amigos Dédy Edson Phantom website
Phansites: Germany
Website Webmaster Description Christian Moeller The Phantom's World in Germany
Phansites: Turkey
Website Webmaster Description
Turkish Phantom & Mandrake Kaya Özkaracalar An English page about The Phantom and Mandrake in Turkey
Phansites: France
Website Webmaster Description
Fantôme du Bengale BDoublié A brief background on The Phantom in France
Mandrake Sites
Website Webmaster Description
Mandrake the Magician Peder Bjørkmann An excellent website dedicated to Mandrake the Magician
Comics & Collectables
Website Description
Comic Quest The best source for back issues of Australia's Frew Phantom comics
Cat's Comics Extensive stock of Frew Phantom comics & collectables
Paladin Comics Buy Frew Phantom comics by credit card
Phantom Zone Chain of comic stores in NSW
Kings Comics Sydney, NSW comic store
Comic Kingdom Sydney, NSW comic store
Adelaide Comics & Books Adelaide, SA comic store
Comics Oz Buy back issues Phantom comics here
Chris Smith Works Source for International Phantom collectables
eBay The famous auction site that is an excellent source of Phantom collectables
eBay Australia The Australian ebay site
Pacific Comics Club Publisher of many Phantom Reprint Books (more info)
Ken Pierce Books Sells Phantom strip reprint books by mail order
Comics Revue This monthly comic strip magazine reprints the current Phantom dailies (more info)
Big Sky Video Selling a digitally remastered version of the 1943 Phantom Serial (more info)
Jim's Rare Serials You can buy the 1943 Phantom Serial by mail order from this site
Cult Film Site A video of the unaired 1961 Phantom TV pilot can be purchased from here
Fantasma FanClub Shop Brazilian Phantom comics and merchandise
Other Commercial Sites
Website Description
Art By Antonio Commission your own artwork by Frew cover artist, Antonio Lemos
Deep Woods Estate A winery with a Phantom theme (more info)
Keswick Island Guesthouse Take a vacation at Australia's version of Eden (more info)
Fantomenland The Phantom exhibition at Parken Zoo, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Phantom 2040 - Animated TV Series (1994-97)
Website Description
The Ghost Jungle Mark Thompson's excellent Phantom 2040 web page (not maintained)
Phantom 2040 Another Phantom 2040 fan page
Big Sky Video Mail order the Phantom 2040 movie on video


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