The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

The Phantom in Other Publications (1967-present)

The magazine X9 was launched in 1969, with Janne Lundström as editor. The first issue featured Secret Agent X-9, Jungle-Jim and The Phantom. The Phantom stories were mainly taken from the American Phantom comics by Gold Key & King, with some Italian exceptions. Since the Phantom was a back-up comic in this magazine, the stories were often edited to become shorter than they were originally. A replica of Nr.1/1969 was included in Nr.10/1994 of the magazine, which by then had changed name to Agent X9.

Including the Phantom in X9 was a bit of a compromise; Semic editors were considering publishing the Phantom more often (like at the end of the 1950s), but it was decided to run Phantom stories in X9 instead to give that magazine a good start. Some of the X9 covers featured the Phantom (i.e. Nr.6 and 12/1970, reprinted from old Fantomen covers) and that increased the sales a bit. However, the sales of the current issue of Fantomen usually decreased by the same numbers, so that didn't happen often and the Phantom soon left X9.

1/1969The Treasure of Bengali BayHarrisLignanteKing #21
2/1969The Lost City of YiangoHarrisLignanteKing #26
3/1969The Elephant Hunt??Spada #20 ?
4/1969The Treasure of the Skull Cave?Harris/Falk (S60)LignanteKing #18
5/1969The Doctor's Oath??Spada #48 ?
6/1969The Pearl RaidersHarrisLignanteKing #26
7/1969The Story of HeroHarrisLignanteKing #27
1/1970The Cold Fire Worshippers?PratesiKing #25/Spada #?
2/1970The Lady From NowhereHarris/Falk (D49)LignanteGold Key #6
3/1970The Super ApesHarris/Falk (D51)LignanteGold Key #7
4/1970The Swamp RatsHarris/Falk (D74)LignanteGold Key #5
5/1970Blind Man's BluffLignanteLignanteGold Key #11
6/1970The Beast of Bengali
The Phantom's Boyhood
Harris/Falk (S53)
Gold Key #12
Gold Key #5
7/1970The Story of the Phantom Treasure
The Phantom's Boyhood: Diana
Harris/Falk (S53)
Spada #209 ?
Gold Key #6
8/1970The Tournament
The Phantom's Boyhood: School
Lignante/Falk (S44)
Harris/Falk (S53)
Gold Key #15
Gold Key #7
9/1970The Crescent CultLignante/Falk (S41)LignanteGold Key #16
10/1970The ChainLignante/Falk (S34)LignanteGold Key #16
11/1970The GameHarris/Falk (D52)LignanteGold Key #1
12/1970The Sixth ManHarris/Falk (D59)LignanteGold Key #9
13/1970The Diamond CupHarris/Falk (S39)LignanteGold Key #3
14/1970The CrybabyHarris/Falk (D71)LignanteGold Key #3
1/1971The River PiratesLignante/Falk (S54)LignanteGold Key #15
2/1971Riddle of the WitchHarrisLignanteKing #24
3/1971The Phantom ChroniclesLignanteLignanteGold Key #13
10/1994The Treasure of Bengali BayHarrisLignanteKing #21

Other Swedish comic magazines to feature the Phantom as a back-up comic are the following:
TitleIssueStory titleWriterArtistSource
MandrakeNr.1/1967SOS Phantom?LignanteKing Mandrake #1
MandrakeNr.2/1967The Pirate Raiders?LignanteKing Mandrake #2
Blixt Gordon
(Flash Gordon)
Nr. 2/1967The Magic Ivory Cage?LignanteKing Mandrake #3
Blixt GordonNr.3/1967The Girl Phantom?LignanteKing Mandrake #4
Mannen från U.N.C.L.E.
(The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
Nr.14/1968The Big FightHarrisLignanteKing #28
Seriepressen1983The Mysterious SpringDarell/EwersLindahlF236
SerietidningenNr.1-8/1987The Golden SnakeRedno/KharelliLeppänenF273
Cheese Comics1991The Female PhantomFalkMcCoyS32 (1 page)

The Phantom has been featured in several anthology books with various comics over the years:
TitleYearPhantom storySource
Comics - Den stora Serieboken 11970The Black Gold PiratesS74
Comics - Den stora Serieboken 21971Captain Kidder's TreasureD57
Comics - Den stora Serieboken 31972The Phantom's TreasureD15
Serieboken1985/88The WigS84
Comics - Serierna 100 år1996The Ape Idol of The DuruguS25


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