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Conditions of Use

I strongly recommend that all registered users, click here to take a ten-minute course in writing effectively online. The basic principles of this course represent the "Conditions of Use" for the Phantom Phorum. Those who repeatedly ignore these rules will be warned to correct their ways. Serious breaches of the rules, such as spam or abusive posts, will result in being banned from the Phantom Phorum.

The Old Phorum

On 13 September 2003, I upgraded the program that runs the Phantom Phorum. Unfortunately I was forced into this by a server upgrade by my webhost, which was not completely compatible with the old forum software and caused occasional crashes. The old Phorum is no longer available, but those who are interested in reading the old posts can download this ZIP file (1.5MB) which contains all 7859 of the old posts in Microsoft Excel 2000 format. Unfortunately it doesn't include the results of the polls and it's a bit clunky to use, but at least all the messages are there. Use the drop-down boxes to select a thread of interest and then read the posts one at a time in the "Message" column.

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