The Prince Valiant Connection

by Bryan Shedden and Dietmar Lederwasch

(with thanks to Kjell Steen and Todd Goldberg )

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To find that so many of those panels from Phantom strips were based on original layouts from Prince Valiant was one thing. But while reading through some original Prince Valiant Sunday pages recently, we made an amazing discovery.

One of the most memorable panels used throughout Sy Barry's tenure on The Phantom, shows The Phantom fighting off pirates aboard a sailing ship. This panel first appeared in 1967 and has been repeated numerous times since then, often as part of a "For Those Who Came in Late" sequence. The layout of this panel has also been used as a basis for others. For example, it was used to illustrate a panel where The Phantom is fighting off "demons" in The Name . The common thread in all cases is that the layouts were prepared by George Olesen. Even after the retirement of Sy Barry in 1994, George Olesen has continued to use this famous panel, now inked by Keith Williams or Fred Fredericks.

And now the discovery ... you guessed it, all of these panels were originally based on an old panel from Prince Valiant (see below). In doing so, George Olesen made a truly wonderful tribute to Hal Foster, one of the greatest adventure strip artists of all time!

The Super Jet Pirates (S71) Walker's Table (S75)

Aug 13, 1967

Jan 5, 1969

The Name (S110) Crook's Haven (S113)

Oct 21, 1979

Nov 23, 1980

Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen (S134) Raiders of the Eastern Dark (D185)

Jul 30, 1989

Sep 6, 1995

Prince Valiant

Jan 12, 1941


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Last Updated 2 September 2000