The Phantom:
A Publishing History in Sweden

by Andreas Eriksson

The Phantom may have been an American creation, and Australia might be the English-speaking Phantom stronghold, but the Swedish publisher Semic (now called Egmont) is responsible for creating more than twice as many Phantom stories as Lee Falk wrote in his entire 63 year career. The Swedish Phantom comic, Fantomen, has been in continuous publication since 1950, well over 1300 issues have been produced, and it is showing no signs of fading. Trace the progress of Fantomen and other spin-off publications, from humble beginnings to international icon in this publishing history of The Phantom in Sweden.

  1. Early History
  2. Christmas Albums (1944-present)
  3. History of Fantomen Magazine (1950-present)
  4. Fantomen Chronology
  5. Pocket Book Series (1972-86)
  6. Avon Novel Reprints (1973-1978)
  7. Samlade Serierariteter - De Bästa Serierna (1986/87, 1991)
  8. Fantomen Krönika (1993-present)
  9. Fantomen - Den Vandrande Vålnaden (1996)
  10. Sy Barry Albums (2001-present)
  11. Fantomen Yearbooks (2002-present)
  12. De Bästa Äventyren (2004-present)
  13. Various One-shots (1969-present)
  14. Other Publications (1967-1996)
Note: Seven different titles currently in regular publication in Sweden: Fantomen (fortnightly), Fantomen Krönika (bimonthly), Fantomen Yearbook (quarterly), and the annual Christmas Album, Krönika Yearbook, Sy Barry Album, and De Bästa Äventyren.

A complete index of all Swedish stories is provided on the following pages:

Introduction 1-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500 501-600 601-700 701+ Fantomen legender

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